The Inversion Method for Hair: Grow an Inch of Hair in 7 Days?


What would you do to grow your hair? Eat super healthy? Take a basketful of vitamins and supplements? Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day? Buy expensive hair products or growth aids? How about a handstand?

Yogi Handstand Sketch

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What if it would give you an inch of hair growth in only seven days? Ok, maybe not a handstand, but you get the point … Don’t laugh. Inversion therapy has been around for thousands of years.

Egyptian Dancer, a pubic domain image from Wikimedia. Source: Artist unknown; an ancient Egyptian ostraca found at Thebes, now in Turin Museo Egizio.
Public Domain Mark 1.0 via Wikimedia.

During an archaeological dig, archaeologists found ancient stone seals from 3000 BC that revealed various yoga poses. Yogis have used inverted poses to rebalance the mind and body from time immemorial. Some research even suggests a history much earlier than 3000 BC.

In 400 BC, Hippocrates, sometimes called the Father of Medicine, used a complicated system of ladders and pulleys to hang his patients’ upside down to relieve back pain and pressure on the spine.

Early Greek Traction Device, a pubic domain image from Wikimedia.
Source: Artist Unknown.
Public Domain Mark 1.0 via Wikimedia.

The treatment, which involves inverting the body upside down or at a slightly inverted angle, supposedly relieves tension as the weight of your body naturally “stretches” the spine. Proponents say that it not only helps ease back pain but also slows the aging of the spine. In addition, many claim that it increases circulation, stimulates the brain, enhances glandular system functioning, and relieves pressure on the abdominal organs. Hair aficionados, however, suggest that the same increased circulation that is generated from an inverted position to ease back pain can also accelerate hair growth.

Conditions that Don’t Mix Well with the Inversion Method

  • If you have any of the following conditons, you should avoid inversion COMPLETELY: pregnancy, hernia, low or high blood pressure*, recent stroke, heart or circulatory problems, glaucoma, conjunctivitis (“pink eye”), detached retina, spinal injury, swollen joints, osteoporosis, unhealed fractures or injuries, ear infection, obesity, or are otherwise unhealthy.

* Ladies, be sure to avoid attempting the inversion method during menstruation when your blood flow is already being manipulated physiologically. 

Degree of Inversion

  • A common mistake when attempting inversion therapy is inverting at an angle that’s too severe. This especially applies to beginners, who should start out at a very slight angle.
  • In addition to inverting at a slight angle, beginners should also be sure to have someone “spotting” them. Inverting for the first time can cause dizziness, so it’s important to have someone close by to assist you (if necessary).
  • If you have any concerns about attempting the inversion method, or just to be on the safe side, check with your doctor before you begin the inversion method.

I discovered the inversion method for hair growth while searching online for a growth aid. The whole concept of inversion to grow hair seemed completely ridiculous to me at first. In fact, I think I LOLed at the search engine result as soon as it populated. But, something about the title and the introductory video pic made me curious, so I clicked on the link and watched the vid. (You can read the original Hairlista post HERE.) After watching several videos and reading the initial Hairlista post, I decided to do my own research. I was surprised by the number of women who received positive hair growth results. So, starting today, I am officially taking the inversion method 7-day hair growth challenge. What can I say? I’m feeling adventurous! Here’s what you need to know …

The Steps

  1. Massage an oil of your choice (that has been warmed in hot water) onto your scalp. Olive oil is recommended, but you can experiment with any oil you have on hand.
  2. Do a simple inversion for 4 minutes. (Suggested positions: (i) sitting in a chair or on a couch and lowering your head slightly toward feet as if you are painting your toe nails or (ii) standing at kitchen sink and lowering head as if you are getting ready to wash your hair.) For more detailed positions, check out this video:

    Caution Border Pale PinkIf at anytime during the inversion you feel dizzy,

    drowsy/sleepy, or abnormal in ANY way, 

    SLOWLY move out of the position.
    Caution Border Pale Pink

  3. Let oil sit on scalp for at least two hours. Co-wash to remove excess oil (only if necessary).
  4. Repeat every day for ONLY 7 consecutive days (i.e., Sunday to Saturday).
  5. Wait at least weeks between each attempt. Otherwise, your body gets used to the extra blood flow, and the method won’t work as well, if at all. Or, at worst, you become susceptible to some dangerous health risks. So, only attempt to do this over seven consecutive days once per month. No more!
  6. Enjoy your new growth!

Additional Tips & Info.

  • IF YOU HAVE TYPE 1 (STRAIGHT) OR TYPE 2 (WAVY) HAIR: You will likely have to rinse or co-wash the oil out after only 2-3 hours. Avoid using shampoo daily because NO ONE (regardless of ethnicity or hair type) should be shampooing their hair every day. It’s unhealthy and is just too harsh for ALL hair types.
  • IF YOU HAVE TYPE 3 (CURLY) OR TYPE 4 (COILY/KINKY) HAIR: You will likely be able to go several days before needing to rinse or co-wash your hair. Since I have a combination of type 3 & 4 hair, I personally apply an oil of my choice every day for 7 days. I co-wash my hair on day 4. After inverting for 7 days, I assume my normal weekly wash routine of shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, and styling my hair on my “wash day.”
  • USE ANY OIL OF YOUR CHOICE. Although you can use any oil of your choice, I would recommend using 100% natural oils (e.g., olive oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc). It’s up to you whether you want to go the extra mile and use organic and/or extra virgin oils. I usually do, but you don’t have to. It’s completely up to you.
  • DO NOT COMPLETELY DOUSE YOUR SCALP WITH OIL. You shouldn’t be using 6 ounces of oil in a week’s time! If you are prone to being heavy headed, use an applicator bottle or a Roots Only bottle. I usually use 4 to 6 ounces of oil in a month’s time, just to give you a barometer of how much oil to use. That equates to about 1 to 1.5 ounces of oil a week. And, I apply daily! Keep in mind, you DO NOT want your scalp drenched, just lightly oiled.
  • MINIMIZE THE AMOUNT OF PRODUCTS YOU USE on your hair while utilizing this method. You don’t want product build up.
  • DOCUMENT YOUR STARTING LENGTH by measuring your hair from the side, back, and front/crown of your head. You won’t know about your fabulous results unless you measure first!
  • DO NOT OVERUSE THIS METHOD. You can utilize this method a maximum of 1x per month for as long as you want the expedited hair growth. However, not every one will be able to do this. For instance, if you notice any symptoms (i.e., migraines) from doing the inversion method every month, try every other month or once per quarter. Better to be safe than sorry!


(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • IS THIS METHOD JUST FOR WOMEN? SOME OF US MEN WANT TO GROW OUT OUR HAIR, TOO!   No, this method IS NOT gender-specific. There’s only one requirement: the desire to grow your hair!
  • DO I NEED TO HAVE A CERTAIN HAIR TYPE TO USE THE INVERSION METHOD?  The inversion method works on all hair types (from type 1 to 4c), regardless of lineage. All ethnicities and hair types welcome!
  • HOW DO I HEAT UP THE OIL?    To heat up any oil for a hot oil treatment, take a mug and fill it about halfway with water. Heat the cup of water in the microwave for 60 seconds or until hot. (I just use my Keurig.) Place an applicator bottle (that contains the oil of your choice) in the mug of hot water. It won’t take more than a minute or two for the oil to heat up. Once the oil is very warm/hot, lightly oil your scalp. But, make sure the oil IS NOT scolding hot.
  • DO I HAVE TO USE OIL? I DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A GREASE BALL! 8-O I did a little experiment, back in October (2013), covering this very topic. Check it out HERE.
  • CAN I USE THIS METHOD IF I’M WEARING A PROTECTIVE STYLE  (I.E., BRAIDS OR TWISTS)?  Absolutely! However, if you DO NOT have full access to your scalp, it may be best to skip the oil altogether. I used the inversion method without massaging my scalp or using oil of any kind. You can see my results HERE
  • WHEN WILL I NOTICE HAIR GROWTH? I WANT RESULTS … NOW!  :-x I usually have measurable results (about 1/4″ give or take) after day 3 or 4. On day 8 (when I measure my hair), it’s a 1/2″ longer (or more) than when I started. If you don’t seem to have any growth after 7 days, perhaps try the method while using a growth aid/oil to boost your results.
  • WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT 3 WEEKS BETWEEN EACH INVERSION?  CAN I USE THE INVERSION METHOD TWICE IN THE SAME MONTH? I WANT LONGER HAIR YESTERDAY! As always, you can do whatever your heart desires. However, it IS NOT recommended. If you overuse the inversion method, your body will adjust to the improved circulation directed toward your scalp, and you will have minimal, if any, growth. Overuse can also make you prone to headaches and weaken you physiologically. The reason the inversion method produces such stellar results is because it localizes blood flow toward your hair follicles. However, as they say, too much of a good thing can be bad. So, don’t overdo it. You’re already getting a month (or two) worth of growth in one week, so don’t be greedy or impatient. It’s not worth putting your health at risk for quadruple hair growth when you’re already getting double or triple doing the inversion method 7 days a week once a month.
  • I MISSED A DAY! AM I TOTALLY SCREWED?  No, as long as you are consistent the remaining days. Consistency is key. If you miss more than a day or two, you might still get results … just not as much or as visible.
  • CAN I ONLY INVERT 1-2 TIMES OVER 7 DAYS FOR ONLY 1 MINUTE? I HAVE A CERTAIN LIFESTYLE TO MAINTAIN!  :cool: You can modify the inversion method any way you see fit to suit your hair type and lifestyle/schedule. However, I think it’s important to keep things in perspective. Rules are meant to be followed. If you do not intend to follow the rules, that’s fine, as long as you also modify your expectations. Don’t expect to see gargantuan hair growth if you only intend to follow 1/5 of the guidelines!

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to leave a question in the reply box below. Just remember to read and/or search the comments before posting your inquiry. I might have already answered your question!   ;)

FYI, I will post my results (good or bad) in a week. See you then!


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482 responses to “The Inversion Method for Hair: Grow an Inch of Hair in 7 Days?

  1. Laura

    Hello, :) do I really have to wait two hours before I wash out the oil out of my hair???

    • If you do not leave the oil in overnight, then yes. You have to give the oil an opportunity to work. But, keep in mind, you’re not using 8 ounces of oil. You should only be using a small amount, which means it will be fairly easy to rinse out … ;)

  2. Sarah

    I’m on day 7 of doing this method, and I’m quite impressed. I used coconut oil on day 1,2 and 6, argan oil on day 3, 4, 5, and today. Both worked really well. So far, I have measured 1/4 inch of growth in some areas and 1/2 inch in others. Currently growing out a pixie cut. Super stoked this method is working! I don’t know if combining this with my daily vitamins (fish oil, multi vitamins that contain folic acid and biotin) and drinking lots of water is what made it work, but regardless, I’m happy with my results.

    • Well, if you have already been taking the vitamins a while, I’m pretty sure the inversion method is what caused the boosted growth over the 7-day window. Vitamins don’t work that quickly. Most take a month (some more) just to fully get into your system. ;)

  3. Sage

    Hi, Hair Diary. I realize it’s been about a month, so I was wondering the results of the inversion method you had posted about. I am wanting to grow my hair, but it is thin and some days it’s wavy. Other days, it’s straight with curled ends. I wanted to know, how it resulted for you and what oil you used in the process (if you used any oil).

    Thank you, Hair Diary.

  4. Chloe

    Hey, I have been studying this inversion thing, and I have some questions: (1) what is the best oil? and (2) can I use a oil from the kitchen?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “best oil” because different oils have different consistencies and attributes. Coconut oil and olive oil are the “best” in terms of hair’s ability to absorb its nutrients. Castor oil is great for generating hair growth and for those that like thicker oils. But, for those that like a thinner consistency, apricot or sweet almond oil may be “best.” Grapeseed oil has a high smoke point, making it a good option when applying heat. But, others prefer something else altogether. There really is no bad choice as long as it is good for you and your hair.

      As far as using “kitchen oils,” I personally don’t if you are referring to vegetable or canola oil. But, I absolutely love using olive oil, especially in my skincare routine. So, in short, use what you love and what works for you! ;)

  5. Amanda

    When doing the method 2 times a day without any oil, do you prep your hair with anything first?

    • No, I just inverted in the morning and then again in the evening. But, be careful. As I stated at the end of my experiment, I experienced some physiological side effects that were not pleasant. That is why I never attempted to invert twice a day again. I think it puts too much pressure on the body!

  6. Birtha

    Hi, my question is my hair is mixed with African American hair so you know it ain’t that easy to take care of haha, but my question is what if I wash it everyday? My hair gets dry, so do I just deal with the dryness for 7 days or stop washing it for the rest of the month?

    • If your hair is dry, chances are it’s not being properly moisturized. I would not recommend washing your hair every day because that just isn’t healthy for ANY hair type. If you feel your hair is too oily, try co-washing or moderating the amount of oil you use.

  7. Marcos

    I have very short hair at the moment will it still work for me?

  8. Hi, I’m really grateful for your advice, but can I use it if I’m having epilepsy? I’m taking my medicines regularly.

  9. Destiny

    I have a short bob haircut. Will the inversion method still work for me?

    • Why wouldn’t it? I’m not sure what a hairstyle or cut has to do with your ability to use a hair growth method. There are only a couple of requirements: (1) not to have any of the health conditions mentioned, and (2) the desire to grow hair. That’s it!

  10. Freya

    Hello, Just wondering could I still do this if I have recently dyed hair? Also, does the oil have to be hot/warm? Could it just be normal temperature?

    • As I mentioned in a previous comment, this IS NOT a chemical treatment. So, I’m not sure why having “dyed hair” would preclude you from using this method …

      The oil can be whatever temperature you prefer. That is a personal preference. However, the warm/hot oil helps to stimulate the scalp a lot more than oil at room temp.

  11. Amy

    Hi, ya!

    Such detailed explanation! I applaud your patience. I am so inspired and doing this. Tonight is my second night.
    My question is: is all the massaging oil to take place before the inversion? I also massaged my scalp during inversion. Is this wrong? Just want to make sure.

    Thank you, Hair Diary!

  12. Aisha

    Hi, there, thanks for the post! Why exactly is it recommended not to do inversion for more than 2 consecutive months? I thought the waiting for 3 weeks in between inverting would counteract the body getting used to the improved circulation. Also, why is it impractical to massage the head WHILE inverting? I did inversion that way last month and still experienced hair growth, so is there an issue? Should I be massaging prior to inverting instead?

    Thanks! Great post.

    • Hello, Aisha!

      The 3-week wait period is a mandatory moratorium (for safety concerns). My recommendation not to use the inversion method for more than two consecutive months is to counteract the body getting used to the improved circulation.

      I personally think it’s a little silly to massage your scalp while in an inverted position. The only thing you should be concentrated on is inverting WHILE inverting, not trying to multitask. I just think it makes more sense to do it prior to inversion. That was the way this method was designed. But, if your body can handle the extra pressure from the added movement during inversion, feel free! But, I definitely DO NOT recommend it. It’s not about hair growth. It’s about SAFETY!

      Hope that clarifies everything …

      • Aisha

        Oh, I see, thank you! I read your post while I was on my third month, and I was really worried for a second!

        I’ve been doing inversion while massaging this whole time, and yes, it’s pretty hardcore on the body! At first inversion didn’t work without massaging because I was born with bad circulation and continue to experience it, so I had to do massages. I find that moving very slowly while massaging and also after when bringing your body back to a vertical position helps a lot.

  13. Destiny Childers

    If you have an afro, will your hair grow outward into a bigger afro, or will it grow longer like straight hair would?

    • The inversion method IS NOT a chemical treatment. The texture of hair that you currently have is the texture of hair you will always have unless you do something to chemically alter it (e.g., perm, relax, or color your hair)! Now, with that said, the longer your hair gets, depending on the natural texture of your hair, the “look” of your hair may change slightly. For example, if you have very curly/coily hair, the longer your hair gets, the looser your hair may “appear.” However, this is just simple physics, due to the weight of your hair as it gains length.

  14. Brenda

    I have a keratin treatment in my hair. Will this hurt the treatment and will this still work. I don’t want to throw the money away, that I spent for the keratin.

  15. kace

    What about peppermint oil? Is it okay to use that to help stimulate the roots? Also, is it okay to leave the oil in overnight? Thanks!

    • You can use any oil you prefer. When I used the inversion method, I always left the oil in (until around day 4 when my scalp started to get oily), then I co-washed my hair. But, it is up to you!

  16. sarah

    I had really really split and dry ends on my hair so I went to the hairdressers today and asked for a trim. My hair was just below my mid back and she cut it to just below my shoulders!! I am soooooooooooooooo angry, I have to go back to school in like three days and it is sooooo short so can I only do this once a day? I won’t use oils but if I did this lets say, in the morning and again at night would that be too much? I really need results fast so please reply!!!

  17. Will the Inversion Method still work with split ends?

    • I think the more important question is, “Why are you trying to hold onto damaged ends?”

      • Amy

        I’m planning on cutting it tomorrow. I just wanted to know if it would work because I’ve been doing it for three days. Do I keep going even if I cut it tomorrow?

      • Yes, it will still work since hair grows from the root of your scalp … Ideally, though, you want to start off with healthy, damage-free hair that is free from split ends, etc. That way, when you pre-measure and then measure again at the end, you can see your true results instead of having to cut off damaged ends after receiving results.

  18. Lorraine

    I know that you said that no one should ever wash hair everyday with shampoo, but my hair is so thin and fine that I have to wash it every day because it looks greasy when I wash it one afternoon (not using conditioner on roots or any products at all) and wake up and it looks greasy. If I were to do this with oil, that would make it even greasier. So my question is, am I allowed to wash my hair with shampoo after each oiling during the week of this. I read your other post about not using oil, if I did that would I be able to use a dry shampoo or will that ruin the effect?
    -Thank you

    • Lorraine, remember what I said in my blog post. The point, here, is not to use gobs and gobs of oil! You shouldn’t be using more than an ounce or two for the hot oil treatment. So, moderation is key! Also, I think this method works best when your hair isn’t on product overload. So, I would limit the number of products you use in your hair. Strip down your product usage to only the bare essentials.

      If you absolutely feel the need to wash every day … Try rinsing your hair (with just water) to refresh it, try co-washing (conditioner-only washing). NO ONE should use shampoo on their hair every day. It is just way too harsh on everyone’s strands, regardless of ethnicity or hair texture. So, I would not recommend it.

      Yes, you can do the inversion method without oil. I’ve tried it both ways, and it worked! But, whatever you choose to do, don’t bog down your hair with too much product. Try to be mindful of what products you are using and how much of them you are using.

  19. Kristina

    Hi, this blog is very helpful. And, I’m so excited to try it! I just have one question, would you recommend getting a trim before starting this method? I have a few split ends. Nothing too severe, but I was just wondering if it would be healthier for my hair to do so.

  20. Lexi Hodges

    Hi, very helpful! I know that you stated that this method shouldn’t be used while menstruating. I was wondering what effects it would have on a body if someone did attempt this method while on their period. Loved the article though! I’ll definitely be trying this.

    • Everyone is different. However, I listed some of the risks people with the conditions I mentioned are more susceptible to in the comments section below a few times. Just click, “older comments” to view some of the symptoms. But, why would you want to take the risk? Just wait until you are no longer menstruating!

  21. Debbie

    I’m on day 2, and I came across your blog about the inversion method .I read where I’m not to do this method if I have high blood pressure. So even if I take meds for Hbp, I need to discontinue?

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  23. Taylor22

    So, I’m confused as to what EXACTLY I’m supposed to do everyday for the week of the method. So, like day 1, I put the oil in my hair and bend over and massage my scalp for 4-5 mins. Do I do this for day 2-7 also? So, each day, I take time out just to oil my hair and massage it? Do I have to wash my hair or anything for this process to work ?

    • Taylor, all of your questions are already addressed in my blog post. Please read my post carefully. I have all of the steps itemized for you, and I also address all of these questions …

      • Taylor;p

        Okay, so I read the whole thing, but I have a question. Okay, so the question is” Is the Greenhouse Effect mandatory? I watched numerous videos and some mentioned it, but others didn’t. I read it carefully, so please don’t suggest I reread it. But, I was just wondering because when I looked it up I found no information.

      • No, the GHE is NOT mandatory. Some people just add it as part of the inversion method in an attempt to get even more growth … So, it is personal preference.

  24. jane

    Hi, how many times do I have to do the inversion method? :)

  25. Louise

    Is it ok if I don’t use any oil, or if the oil is not hot or warm?

    • Yes, of course. It is up to you!

      • jane

        Thanks! :) Can I ask another question? What if the first day I use oil and, the next day, I don’t? Is it ok? And, also, if I did the method in the first day but not in the second day and also in the third day is that alright? Thanks. Please answer.

      • Jane, dear, all of the answers to your questions are in my blog post. Please read the FAQ section for additional details …

    • Alex_06

      sorry but PLEASE DO ANSWER this question… will the method still work even if i don’t use oil and i only do it for like 3 minutes? will the method still result the same?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE ANSWER PLEASE DON’ T TELL ME TO RE- READ UR BLOG OR READ THE FAQ PLEASE ANSWER PLS I NEED HELP PLSSSS

      • Alex, if I tell someone to reread my blog post, it is for a reason … And, almost always because I’ve already addressed their concern. I have not only discussed this issue directly in this post, I’ve also answered this question several times, at length, in the comments section below, and I’ve even dedicated an entire post to it HERE.

  26. sophie

    Hi! I started this method today, and I was wondering, since I do gymnastics (off season right now, would it not affect me since I’m upside down pretty often? Thanks!

    • Sophie, if you do gymnastics, yoga, or just exercise often, chances are, the inversion method will have NO effect on you since you already have great circulation. I experienced this first hand. Last year, the inversion method worked great for me. However, the beginning of the year, I noticed that when I amped up my work out routine to 5-6 days a week, the inversion method no longer worked for me. So, your instincts are right!

  27. Emith

    Hello! It looks like a very helpful method, so I can’t wait to start it! But, I want to know about a few things. You see, I am currently 17 years old, and due to an unknown reason, I had a terrible hair falling from past 2 years. Then this year, I shaved my hair and got bald. It had been 4 months, and now my hair is about 1 and a half inches (maybe!). But, even after shaving my head, I am still facing hair fall.

    My question is, is it okay to do the inversion method for me? And, I am a little confused about the times. I mean, I should do this method continuously for seven days, then I should do it again after at least three weeks, is that what you mean? Please help …

    And, thank you very much for sharing this method! I am really looking forward to do it …

    • I think you can give the method a try if you are careful and follow the guidelines. The inversion method is used for only 7 consecutive days for a maximum frequency of every 3-4 weeks (so 1x per month). You do not have to do it month after month. In fact, it works best if you do not. I wouldn’t use the inversion method for more than 2 consecutive months.

      However, I think, I personally would try to pinpoint the reason for your extreme hair fall. Ask yourself: (1) Does it happen only a certain time of the year? (2) After using particular products? (3) When utilizing specific hair techniques/practices? (4) When you are under severe stress? (5) Are you drinking plenty of water? (6) Are you eating healthy? (7) Are you exercising? (8) Do you have a vitamin deficiency?

      These are all factors that can affect the health of your hair. As a result, they are important things to consider and figure out. Otherwise, your hair fall may become an endless cycle. Take care!

  28. Janique

    Hi. I want to start this but I was wondering if it could be done to my hair? (It’s relaxed.)

  29. Shaan

    If I use oil everyday, will I need to wash my hair every day as well? Or, do you think I should use the oil on the day that I wash my hair? I wash my hair every 2-3 days as it gets greasy quite quickly, even though it is very thick and quite long.

    • Please read my blog post for recommendations based on hair type …

      • I have, but I don’t fully understand. Do you mind just explaining further? You don’t have to, I’m sorry if this wastes your time or anything. :)

      • Shaan, no one (regardless of hair type) should wash their hair every day. It is just too harsh for any one’s strands. But, how often you wash your hair will largely depend on your hair type and lifestyle preference. That’s why I referred you to my original post, because I provide suggestions in my blog post based on hair type. All of the directions are itemized thoroughly there.

        To do the inversion method, you must apply the oil EVERY day. If you still have questions, please refer to my “Additional Tips & Info.” and “FAQ” section as both of your questions are directly addressed in my blog post in great detail. ;)

  30. justina

    Hello, I’m Justine. I want to know, instead of oil, can I use water on my hair, then do the 4 mins inversion? Will I still grow an inch?

  31. DD

    Can you use vegetable oil?

    • I suppose you could, but I prefer to use 100% natural oils that are organic (if i can afford it) like extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, cold-pressed castor oil, etc. But, you can try it to see if it will work for you.

      • DD

        Are those expensive?

      • They can be, but it largely depends on your geographic location and what is locally available. However, a lot of natural products can be found online quite inexpensively. For example, you can get 100% natural African (ivory) shea butter for under $15 on Amazon!

        I also buy a lot of specialty oils and essential oils from this company. They have so many great products. I’ve purchased everything from cold-pressed castor oil to organic body lotion. And, their prices are very reasonable.

        And, if money is really tight, start out small, with, say, a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. If you live in the States, you can get a 12-16 oz bottle for $5-$6 from Wal-mart. Or, you can buy some from your local grocer for a few bucks more. Just do what you can when you can! ;)

  32. Mackenzie

    Hi! I love this article, very helpful. I’ve been looking into this treatment for a while now and your blog has definitely been the most helpful.

    However, in other things I have read, it says to massage your scalp while inverting. Is this right? Or, as you say, should I massage then invert?

    Also, my hair grows very slowly normally, about 3 inches a year. Do you think this will translate into the inversion method and I will have less results. Sorry if this is confusing, these questions have just been on my mind a while.

    Thanks :)

    • Unless you plan to audition for a part in the upcoming Cirque du Soleil, I would DEFINITELY massage your scalp PRIOR to inverting. It just isn’t practical to do it while inverting!

      As far as hair growth is concerned, the whole point of the inversion method is that it speeds up your normal hair growth rate. So, give it a try, it only takes a week to see the full results!

  33. Locks For Love!

    If I invert myself for about 6 minutes will I get more growth? Sorry if you already addressed this issue but I don’t have much time to read the whole post right now. I have some gymnastics experience with stuff like hand stands and walk overs that invert my body so I’ve gotten more use to it. Because of my experience with these things would it be safe (and make my hair grow longer) to extend the time I’m inverted? By the way I love your website, keep up the good work!

    • Hello, thank you for the compliment! However, there is a reason my post is more detailed than any other out there. I have spent a lot of time documenting my experience so that others wouldn’t have to spend the kind of time that I did trying to figure things out. I have distilled countless hours of research into a 7-10 minute post. So, with all due respect, if you don’t have 10 minutes to read this post, you should NOT attempt the inversion method!

  34. nicole

    Hello, uhmmm I was curious on trying the inversion method. So, I was going to give it a try. First, I have curly hair, not that curly, but its curly lol. So, you suppose to do the inversion method for seven days and I would prefer to wash it out on day three. So, how would I wash it out, and how would I start the inversion method again? Thank you so much for your response.

  35. So, after the inversion, I should rinse it with conditioner? Could I use any type of conditioner? Is there a certain conditioner I should be using afterward?

    • It depends on your hair type, lifestyle, and personal preference. Please read my blog post for suggestions …

      Whenever you feel the need to co-wash, you can use any conditioner you have on hand! ;)

  36. Christina

    Ok so I’ve been using the olive oil on my hair and would massage it and stay inverted the full 4 minutes and ive been doing it since thurday. When would I see the new growth hair??

  37. Kim

    Can I do this treatment if I breastfeed?

  38. Red

    I want to try this, but are you sure it works?

    P.s. I wear micro loop extensions.

  39. Hi! I feel like I totally messed up doing this inversion. For the first 3 days I’ve been massaging my hair after putting my oils inside and laying my head down for 4 minutes each day. For the 4th day, I ran out of oil! I couldn’t go buy more because the ones I usually get is very far away from my house and I felt too lazy to get it. So I didn’t put anything in my hair nor massage it, I just put my head down for 4 minutes. Then on the 5th day (Yesterday) I felt like it was wrong when I didn’t massage my hair on the 4th day even though the oil wasn’t inside, so I massaged yesterday then I lied my head down but for only 2 minutes! I had to clean up my dogs “presents” before it stunk up the house. Right after cleaning, I didn’t massage my hair, I just put my head down again for another 2 minutes. I feel like I just totally messed up on doing the inversion for the 1st time. Do you think my hair would still grow?

  40. Tarida

    It’s been 4 days since I started the inversion method. I have straight, thick hair that is now neck length. When I do the inversion method, is it normal that some hair falls? Mine falls about 30 hair pieces? Thx you for answering. :)

    • According to the American Academy of Dermatology, an average person loses anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair each day. So, if you are only losing 30 strands, you’re doing pretty good! ;)

      And, keep in mind, every one’s hair goes through stages where is sheds more than other times. So, that’s normal.

  41. I’ve been asking my friends and other people who have done this inversion, but I still haven’t gotten an answer. My question is, can you use hair FOOD? Will it work as well? Kind of embarrassing, but I don’t have ANY money to buy oils. The ONLY oil I have at home is canola oil! Will that work? Please help!

  42. Haz

    Hi, I have a few questions about this so sorry :P
    - Do you do this instead of washing your hair normally or…? Because my hair can get quite greasy, which no one’s a fan of and I think you mentioned in a comment that we shouldn’t submerge our hair in water afterwards, when that’s what I normally do to wash my hair…
    - What is an applicator bottle? Will any normal water bottle do or do I have to buy one?
    - How much oil do I use each time?
    - And also, what is a “simple inversion”? :)

    • Hi, hon. Please reread my blog post as I address 90% of your questions directly in the post … ;)

      An applicator bottle is usually used when coloring or highlighting your hair, but it is also beneficial for hair treatments. It’s not absolutely necessary, but I do find that it allows me to better gauge how much oil I am using. In addition, it helps me to apply oil exactly where I need it. So, I prefer to put my oil or oil blend in an applicator bottle, but you certainly do not have to!

      • Haz

        Hi, okay I kind of understand the inversion thing now. But what do you mean by co-wash? How can you just co-wash your hair?
        Also, I still don’t understand how much oil to use… Like is there a specific measurement? How much is too much?
        Again, sorry for all the questions… :/ :P

      • Hello! “Co-wash” means conditioner-only wash. I provide general guidelines for how much oil to use directly in my blog post. ;)

      • Haz

        I don’t wash my hair with conditioner though … I just use leave-in conditioner … Is that any different?

      • Yes, it is! Leave-in conditioners are specifically formulated to be lighter and more easily absorbed by hair follicles. They are designed to be “left in.” Rinse-out conditioners, on the other hand, are designed to soften hair and remove any debris left behind my shampoo. So, they each serve different purposes.

  43. Jasmine

    Hi, I have read your whole blog, and I love it! Anyways, I was wandering if you had to co-wash everyday during the process? I know you have to leave the oil in 2-3 hours, but instead of washing it out afterwards, can you leave it in until the seven days is up? Or, maybe wash it out on the fourth day or something?

    Sorry if the question doesn’t make any sense.

    • Hi, Jasmine. Thanks for the blog <3! Yes, actually, that is what I mentioned in my post. Whenever I’ve done the inversion method, I left the oil in and then co-washed my hair on day 4. By day 4, my hair starts to feel pretty oily, so that’s what I do.

      Some can wait until day 7 to co-wash. I can’t! While others have to co-wash every day or every other day. It’s up to you and your personal preference.

    • Zoe

      Hello! Thank you so much for this as I wanted to try the inversion method. I know it’s recommended to do the next month rather than to do it again in the same month, but what if you’ve stopped after about 2 days? I thought I had done it wrong, and I had no time to continue, so I’ve stopped but I really wished I hadn’t. Would it be okay to do restart it this month? It’s been about 2 weeks now.

      • As always, you are free to do whatever you like. However, I would STRONGLY advise against it. The guidelines are there for a reason. You can read my post (as well as my replies to previous comments) for the reasons why overusing this method are not safe.

  44. Ciarah

    When you say co-wash, do you just mean rinse with water and use conditioner? I decided to try this method tonight and see how my hair looks in the morning. I washed and styled my hair this morning but even though I did use the oil sparingly like you suggested, feeling my hair now I think it will be too greasy feeling tomorrow to do nothing with. Will conditioning my hair alone make it workable? I do prefer the feeling of second or third day hair though, is it just comparable to that if I don’t shampoo tomorrow?

    • Yes, co-wash means “conditioner-only wash”. If you’re used to shampooing your hair multiple times, your hair may feel slightly more oily than usual. This is normal as your scalp has to adjust from having most of the sebum stripped from it to a more moisturized state.

      Yes, it similar to second or third day hair without using shampoo. The point is to remove any debris from your scalp and to keep your hair clean without stripping your hair, which often results when shampoo is overused. Hope that helps!

  45. Ceonni Jordan

    Can you use more than one oil ?

  46. I experienced an abnormal hair fall for two months, and I have lost almost all my hair. Hope I regrow all my hair with this method … I will surely post after a week if it benefited me. Hope I don’t experience any side effects …

    • Good luck! Let me know how it works for you. Be sure to take before and after pics. And, don’t forget to measure the length of your hair prior to starting this method so you can gauge your progress at the end of 7 days!

  47. Angela

    I’m on my period right now, and I want to try this. I know in the article it said not to, but what if I just did the position where it’s like I’m painting my toe nails, instead of my whole body getting upside down?

  48. Siukey

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful post. I started this method two days ago, and boom, I started menstruating. My question is, can I start the whole process again after I stop menstruating, or can I just do it for another 5 days?

    • You’re welcome! ;)

      I think it would be best to wait until next month. Be sure to start the inversion method during a week when you know you WON’T be menstruating.

  49. Kamille

    Wonderful post! My natural state of hair is kinky but yesterday I got a texturizer and flat ironed it and according to your post you have to rinse. I already attempted the method and quite upset I might have to wash. Is it mandatory or just recommended? Will it still work?

  50. Hi again. I stared this method today, and I’m on day 1. It has been a couple of hours, and I was thinking to wash out the oil. But, I wanted to know if I can use shampoo to get the oil out of my hair? I mean, if I shampoo (dove shampoo which doesn’t have sulfates) everyday will it create problems in my 1-week inversion hair growth? Will the results will be affected or not? If so, will my hair grow less if I use a shampoo daily to get the oil out? Or, will the results not be affected in any way? HELP!

    • Calm down, hon. There’s no need to worry. Repeat after me, “Everything will be okay!”

      As I stated in my blog post, the decision to use shampoo or not is one of personal preference and lifestyle choice. However, no one, regardless of ethnicity or hair type should shampoo their hair EVERY day. It’s just too harsh on ALL hair types. If you must use shampoo, I would recommend shampooing EVERY OTHER DAY (at most)! Co-wash in-between or just rinse the oil out on the other days, if necessary. If your hair is crazy oily, chances are you are using too much oil, so scale back on the oil, and there should not be a need to shampoo quite as frequently.

      As far as results go, I cannot guarantee results for any one. No two heads of hair are alike, and it depends on what your other hair techniques and hair practices are …

      Good luck with your inversion!

  51. Claudia

    Hi! I want to start the inversion method next Monday … But, I just have one question … Do I have to massage my scalp during the 4 minutes of the inversion? I’m a little confused about it because some said that I don’t have to and some others said that I have to! Help me please! <3

    • Hi, hon! I have the required steps listed in my blog post. So, please read the post for all the specifics …

      Here is a quick run-down:
      (1) Massage scalp with a hot oil of your choice that has been warmed in hot water.
      (2) Invert for 4 minutes.
      (3) Depending on hair type, leave oil in or co-wash after 2 or more hours.
      (4) Repeat every day for 7 consecutive days (i.e., Sunday to Saturday).
      (5) Wait at least 3 weeks between each attempt.

  52. Kathleen

    Hi, I know this is sorta an old post, and I hope you reply!

    I was just wondering if my hair will look greasy or anything if I try this? I know it says lightly use the olive oil but it’s seems like it’d still be greasy! :/ And, I have wavy/borderline curly hair, so I was just wondering what exactly you meant by rinsing and stuff? Are you not supposed to wash your hair at all for the week or what?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions or you’ve already answered them, I just want to have no worries when I try this! Thank you!

    • Kathleen, hello!

      If you apply the oil SPARINGLY like I suggested, you shouldn’t have any issues. Most issues of “greasiness” arise from people applying way too much oil for their hair type. Even my curly/coily hair type can get greasy if I douse my strands in oil. So, easy does it!

      When I say rinse I mean no-poo (using just water instead of shampoo to literally rinse out the oil). Honestly, it is up to you and what works best for your lifestyle. Sometimes I will just co-wash (conditioner-only wash) the excess oil out of my hair instead of reaching for my shampoo. It just depends on how oily my hair and scalp feel. For example, because of how curly my hair is, I usually don’t have to do anything (can leave each application of oil in) until day 4. By day 4, my hair and scalp start to feel pretty oily, so I will co-wash or shampoo my hair to remove the excess oil.

      So, largely it will depend on your hair type and personal preference. Hope that helps!

  53. Xzandra

    Do you think I can maybe wait 2 weeks, or does it have to be 3 weeks?

    • No, I don’t think you should use the inversion method every 2 weeks! That’s excessive and dangerous, to say the least …

      I explain why in my blog post as well as in the comments section below.

  54. Emily

    Hello! Thank you so much for these wonderful directions. Now, I just have a quick question: do you personally recommend doing the inversion method every month? I know you said you’d do it for 4 months, but would it be bad if I did?

    • You’re welcome!

      YES, IT WOULD BE VERY BAD! I only suggest doing the inversion method about once a quarter (4x per year) for no more than two consecutive months!

      Please search the comments section for my previous replies to this question for additional details …

  55. rukaiya

    Hi, I started using this type of treatment for my hair a couple of days back. But, the instructions I got were wrong, so I basically inverted my head and massaged the scalp and then applied oil, and I was done. The whole process would have taken me around 2 or 3 minutes. Now that I know the right way to do it, should I do it for a whole new week or just continue with the days left of the previous treatment?

    Btw, thank u so much for such properly detailed instructions. Makes life so much simpler.

    • Hello! You’re welcome! I tried to be as thorough as possible.

      As far as the process you choose to use, it’s up to you. It sounds like you are pretty close to doing everything already, so you can just start from this point forward (until the 7 days are up) with the complete method or continue doing everything as you have been already and then start the complete method next month (after 3-4 weeks). However, please DO NOT try to use the inversion method more than once per month!

  56. Joy

    I’m going to a party which I will be staying all night, will it affect my hair growth if I miss a day? Can I just add an extra day?

  57. Sammy

    Will I still get the same results if I miss a day?

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  59. tori

    I have a quick question. When I wash my hair, I usually bend over the bathtub and wash it that way, so my head is upside down. Will the inversion method still work for me even though I do this??

    • Yes, it should. Mainly those who invert for extended periods of time as part of their normal routine are unlikely to benefit from this method (e.g., yogis, gymnasts, etc).

  60. Hello!
    The inversion methode really interesses me and I think I’ll try it soon though I am curious. If I follow the instruction like you stated and do it only one week /month, will the 1inch/week effect last or hair would only grow during that one week?

    • Hello! It depends on each individual person …

      For me, I only receive a ½” in a week, so my hair continues to grow the rest of the month for an additional ¼” to ½”, totaling ¾” to 1″ for the month.

      However, most who receive the full inch (or more) in one week, usually do not get any additional growth the rest of the month, which is to be expected if you’re getting 2-3 months’ worth of growth in one week! ;)

  61. Dashia

    Can I still style my hair while doing the inversion method (on my 1st day)?

      • Dashia

        I need water to style my hair since my hair is very curly. Would the water wash out the oil? I’m using extra virgin olive oil ( day 2 ). Also, after leaving the oil in my hair the first night, my scalp started itching and still is despite the fact that I’ve done hot oil treatments with olive oil and have had no problem. It has only been 2 days since I washed my hair when I first started the inversion method.

      • Hi, hon. No need to worry. Minor scalp itching is normal. Remember, the inversion method stimulates your hair follicles, which often results in minor itching, especially if this is your first time using the method.

        I have very tightly curled/coiled hair as well, so there should be no fear of the water “washing out” the oil unless you are completely submerging your hair in water, and/or shampooing or rinsing the oil out.

    • Dashia

      One more question … I’m going to the pool on Friday (my last day). Would the chlorine affect my hair growth? What about the oil? Do I wash my hair before or after I go to the pool? Also, is it okay if I leave the oil in my hair for an hour or an hour and a half? I’m kind of in a rush.

      • Chlorine (and other chemicals) always have some effect on our skin and hair. Chlorine, in particular, is very drying and can cause hair breakage if proper care is not taken, especially after swimming. To prep, I suggest misting your hair with water or a light leave-in, and then following it with a heavier, cream-based conditioner or leave-in. This will provide an introductory barrier between your hair and the chlorine (at least temporarily) and thereby lessen the potential for damage.

        I would do a thorough wash AFTER you finish swimming. It wouldn’t make sense to cleanse your hair only to turn around and do it again to rid yourself of the chlorine. A good sulfate shampoo or a chelating shampoo may also be in order, depending on how extended of a time you spend in the pool. Just remember to re-add some moisture to your hair after cleansing it (to counteract the harsh effects of the chlorine and shampoo). A hot oil treatment or deep conditioner may also be best, depending on the state/fragility of your hair.

        I almost always leave oil treatments in my hair, so unless you have pin-straight hair, which is already prone to being oily, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Just don’t douse your hair with oil (or you may have a problem)! ;)

        Hope that helps …

  62. harley sanders

    Will there be better results (more growth) if you keep it on for 3 or 4 hours instead of 2?

  63. Ellie

    Hey, I was wondering if this works with really short hair. Mine is a inch?

  64. Hey, can you please tell me that can I do it 2 consecutive weeks in a month? And, can I carry out this treatment with other home remedies as well? My hair was long enough but 2 days back I cut my hair about 3-4 inches and now I’m crying like h*** for doing that so please answer my questions and yea do tell me other methods of growing hair faster asap.

    • As stated in my blog post, the inversion method should not only be used with caution but SHOULD NOT be overused (no more than once a month). However, as I’ve explained in my blog post (as well as in the comments section), doing the inversion method several months in the row will have a stalling effect. The method will eventually stop working altogether. So, all things in moderation, dear.

      As far as other quick hair growth tips, that largely depends on your hair type and personal preference …

  65. Lauren

    Hey! After you rinse out the oil, do you shampoo or condition your hair? Thanks!

  66. Katy

    I an a dancer/gymnast and I do a lot of backbends and hang upside down. Will this slow the inversion method??? My hair grows really slow so the daily ‘hanging upside down’ness anyway, so is there anything I can do?? Please help!!

    My friend has really long hair and she does twice the ‘hanging upside down’ness than me so…

    • Hello, Katy. I’m afraid, there is no silver bullet. Everyone is different. No two heads of hair are the same. You might be one of those people whose normal hair growth rate is below average. If so, a hair growth aid might be a better option for you. There are plenty out there, so give one a try. I especially like this one.

      • Katy

        Thank you!!!

        I tried it [inversion method] last week, but I didn’t measure. But, it still looked a bit longer. But, I might have just had a random hair “growth spurt.”

        I will try what you recommended.

      • You’re welcome!

        However, I doubt your “growth spurt” was random. I don’t know of any other method that expedites the hair growth process in only 7 days. But, that is why I always tell people to measure their hair (before and after using the inversion method) to chart their progress. Otherwise, you won’t know how to gauge your results.

  67. samoya

    I forgot to heat the oil the first day but i heated it the rest of the days will the inversion method still work?

    • Yes! Heating the oil up (doing a hot oil treatment prior to the inversion method), is just an extra step that may help boost results. I’ve done it with hot oil, with oil, and with no oil at all and still got the same results. Others, though, get better results when the inversion method is coupled with a hot oil treatment … A hot oil treatment is part of the original methodology for encouraging expedited growth.

  68. madison

    For two days, each day I hung off of my bed for 5 minutes and massaged my head. Should I continue to do this or do the method another way? What are the effects of this?

    • Madison, hi! All of the parameters and potential side effects are listed in my blog post above. If you have additional questions, please search the comments section below my post as I have answered dozens of questions about this topic. Just be sure to click to see previous replies.

      • Madison

        What will cause the inversion method to not work?

      • Generally, not doing the inversion method for the full 7 days or doing it too frequently (e.g., several months in a row).

        Please see my former replies to comments for additional details.

  69. Hannah

    I need to go to school 5 days of the seven-day week, and I don’t want to be going with dirty, greasy hair. But, I also don’t want to wash my hair with shampoo every single day because its apparently bad for your hair, and I never do anyways. But, shampooing seems to be the only way to remove the oil, so I cant just wash it with oil … Can anyone help?

    • Hannah, it sounds like you’re using too much oil. There’s a quick, simple fix … Scale back on the amount of oil you are using. If you control the quantity of oil you use, you will control the quantity of oil you have to rinse or co-wash out!

      Remember, the goal is not to douse your hair with oil but to give yourself a hot oil treatment (or if you don’t want to heat up the oil, then your goal is to condition your scalp). The less oil you use, the easier it is to rinse out.

      Now, with that said, keep in mind that you don’t want to remove ALL of the oil. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of using it. You should have a SMALL amount of residual oil left on your scalp/hair … just not so much that it makes it greasy. LOL. Hope that helps!

  70. Molly

    Hi , I’ve read the whole post and I’m still confused on what co-washing means. I understand that I wash my hair before I start the method, but my hair is naturally greasy, so do I leave the oil in overnight after doing the inversion and then in the morning wash it out with water or shampoo? If so, how many times in the 7 days do I shampoo?

    • Molly, in my blog post, I provide suggestions based on hair type. Co-washing means “conditioner-only washing.”

      You do not necessarily have to wash your hair prior to starting the inversion method. It just depends on personal preference and whether you have a lot of scalp/product build-up.

      If you have naturally greasy hair, you will likely only be able to leave the oil in for 2-3 hours before rinsing or shampooing it out. But, if you opt to use shampoo, try to use one that is sulfate-free to avoid stripping your hair. Hope that helps …

  71. Techaka

    Hey, I started the inversion method on a Sunday and followed through until Wednesday (for four minutes) and skipped Thursday through Saturday because I had no time to do it, but I did it again on Sunday (my last day). I saw almost no results. I was wondering if I try again the following week, would my scalp get used to the extra blood circulation already? Should I try again? If so, when?

  72. Megan

    So, I would like to try this method but one thing I’m confused about is whether my hair will stop growing after the 7th day or if it will just go back to its normal growth rate after the 7 days of treating it? Also, after you apply the oil, sit at an angle for 4 minutes, do you rinse it out right after the 4 minutes? And, when you do rinse it can I use my normal conditioner and shampoo? Or, should I apply the oil, just rinse and don’t shampoo/condition for a couple days, only rinse it out? And, the last thing is that I also want to try an egg yolk mask for the ends of my hair while I’m waiting to restart the inversion method again (so basically when the 7 days are up, for the remainder 3 weeks applying different hair masks weekly) but, can I do that, or will it effect the inversion method in a negative way?

    • Megan, I have addressed most of your questions in my blog post above and in this comments section. So, please read those for your first several questions …

      As far as your last question, the inversion method uses oil, not a chemical, so there should be no negative reaction from combining this method with other healthy hair practices. ;)

  73. Can I use doctor miracle hot oil or healing, and is co-washing the same as washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner?

    • Yes, as I’ve stated in my blog post above (as well as in this comments section), you can use ANY oil of your choice.

      Co-washing means conditioner-only washing (a.k.a. no [sham]poo).

  74. EmilyA

    WARNING … I tried this method last night on my fine/thin, Caucasian, blonde hair with olive oil. (My natural hair is dark blonde and is lightened to a light blonde.) After hanging my head upside down, I planned to go to sleep with the oil still in it … I gently ran my hand over the hair to smooth it down and a clump of hair came out. It freaked me out, so I tried it again … SAME thing … A WHOLE bunch of hairs came out. I kept thinking surely it’s just a coincidence, so I did it two more times before rushing to the shower to wash it out … Every single time, tons of hair came out. I’m not seeing anything on the Internet that says it has happened to other people, so I don’t know what was going on with me. I looked at the length this morning and I have to admit, there’s pretty obvious growth as evidenced by my sudden dark roots, but I am way too scared to try it again. … Has this happened to anyone else?!

    • No, I’ve NEVER heard of this happening to anyone. But, take a breath, Emily … As long you are seeing hair growth and the length of your hair is longer, I wouldn’t be too concerned. It sounds as if the inversion method simply sped up your hair shedding phase.

      • Kim

        Hello, I have the same problem. I’ve just been through my wash day and, during the detangling process, I found out that I lost way more hair than normal! But, I think it is caused by the inversion method. All of the hair fall lead to the place of the new growth coming in. Is it maybe because our body system and scalp got shocked?

      • Yes, every one’s bodies respond differently. Some experience side effects. Others do not. As long as you are not experiencing any hair breakage or extreme adverse effects, there shouldn’t be too much cause for concern. However, proceed with caution to make sure that your symptoms do not progressively get worse. If they do, stop using the inversion method immediately!

      • Yes, you should try again but NOT UNTIL you have the time to dedicate a FULL WEEK to the method. Remember, it only requires 4 minutes a day. I prefer to utilize the method prior to bed. That way, regardless of how busy my day was, I know it only takes 4 minutes before I can go to sleep. ;)

    • Hey there. I just read your comment. Don’t worry, sometimes oiling too much or massaging it too hard can make this happen. I have extremely thin, fine hair and, yes, when I wasn’t careful whilst oiling, I experienced that too.
      Now I try to be more careful. I use my fingertips and use oil sparingly on the scalp. Not necessarily the hair.

  75. Chi Chi

    Hi, so I started this method an hour ago, and I messed up twice: I only inverted for two minutes and I didn’t rise up slowly thanks to distractions from my loud toddler niece. Now I’m light-headed, and I’m a bit scared. Will anything happen to me since I didn’t rise up slowly?

    • Every one is different. It sounds like the only thing you experienced was lightheadedness. Just be careful next time when you invert that you don’t rise too quickly. Or, you may start to notice other symptoms (e.g., body pains, nausea, etc).

      • Chi Chi

        Thank you. And, I can co-wash on the 3rd day and then reapply the oil, right? I have straight hair, but I don’t think I added too much. Is it okay if I co-wash it and then shampoo it off on the 7th day?

      • You’re welcome.

        Yes! That’s perfectly fine to do if you can get away with it. ;)

  76. Ashley :)

    Hi, I was wondering if you do this before or after you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner … And, do you use both shampoo and conditioner, or will it be too greasy?

    • You can just follow your normal wash routine while using this method. However, if you’ve been using tons of product in your hair (or you have a lot of build-up on your scalp), then it is best to start with a clean slate and shampoo and condition your hair prior to using this method. How frequently you wash or co-wash after starting the inversion method will largely depend on your hair type. You can read my suggestions above in my blog post for additional details.

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  78. Mandy

    Hi, your post is very informative and helpful, but what I would like to know is: If doing this method for a week and getting that 1 inch of growth in 7 days, does it have an effect on your regular hair growth the rest of the month?

    Because this method shocks your system, what worries me is if my hair will continue growing at its average rate the rest of the month, or will it stop growing and need to recover from the shock before it gets back on its regular growth cycle?


    • I think this depends on your normal growth rate. For example, my hair grows about average (0.5″/month). When I do the inversion method, I realize 0.5″ in 7 days (a normal month’s worth of hair growth, for me,). The remaining 3 weeks (the rest of the month), I still realize my normal 0.5″ of growth, totaling 1 inch.

      However, I think that if you already have an above average or high growth rate, you will not realize any additional growth the rest of the month after inverting for one week. For example, most people who receive an inch or more of hair growth after inverting for 7 days DO NOT get any additional hair growth the rest of the month. Inversion allows you to realize your maximum hair growth potential. But, if you receive 2 inches of growth in one week, you’ve already obtained your maximum hair growth.

  79. Latisha

    Hi, I am on my 6th day of the inversion method, and my scalp is really tender and sore. Is this a sign of new growth?

    • It is normal to experience slight scalp sensitivity/tenderness, especially if this is your first time inverting. This is due to the increased blood circulation being directed specifically toward your hair follicles. But, any sensitivity or tenderness should be temporary. If you are experiencing these symptoms every day or for an extended period of time, STOP IMMEDIATELY!!!

  80. ola

    Can I still do inversion method while having Ghana weaving in my head or when I retouched my hair otherwise before I retouched my hair?

    • Yes, as stated in my blog post above, anyone, regardless of ethnicity, hair type, or hair style can utilize this method. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is in a protective style or not as long as you have access to your scalp. If you don’t, then you can still use this method. Just skip the hot oil treatment. :oops:

  81. Gloria


    First of all, thank you for the post! I’m really excited.

    Second, I want to try this method with coconut oil. But, I also have a homemade daily use leave-in conditioner that includes coconut oil. You said in your blog not to overdo the amount. So, will this be too much coconut oil for my hair in a week?

    The recipe for my homemade conditioner is:
    2 spoons coconut oil
    2 spoons raw shea butter
    5-10 drops honey
    5–10 drops of my favorite oil (ex. jojoba, avocado oil)

    • No, that sounds fine. The point is not to use 6 ounces of oil in one sitting! Some people use oil excessively and are incredibly heavy-handed. That’s why I said not to overdo it. ;)

  82. Aida Robledo

    Hi, I posted your link for this page on our facebook page, The scientific part of this theory makes sense, so I thought I would share it with my facebook followers. Thanks for sharing.

  83. McKenna

    Does the inversion method work on permed hair?

    • The inversion method works on ALL hair types: straight, wavy, curly, coily, kinky, chemically treated (relaxed, permed, or color-treated), transitioning, and natural hair! ;)

  84. Emily

    Can I hang my shoulders off the couch armrest and lay my head back so it touches the ground, or is that bad? Like the position where my head is about 3 inches away from the ground, and I’m like, sort of hanging off of the armrest?

    • You could, but my concern would be the severity of the angle at which you want to invert. If this is your first (or even second or third) time inverting, be mindful of the degree to which you choose to invert. Inverting at too harsh of an angle can cause problems (e.g., chest pain, headaches, etc).

      Remember, our goal is not to audition for a part in the next upcoming Cirque du Soleil. We’re just trying to grow some hair … a little faster than normal! So, choose a starting inversion position wisely. And, be careful!

  85. Danielle

    I have a question. I mix my oils together in my applicator bottle. Can I use that, or should I just use one oil by itself? Also, should I massage my scalp before, during, or after doing the inversion method?

    • Danielle, you can use any oil or oil blend you prefer. Also, you apply the oil and massage your scalp BEFORE inverting. See my blog post above for more details …

  86. I’m starting the Inversion Method tonight, but I haven’t washed my hair in about a week! Would it be okay to shampoo and condition my hair before starting the 7-day challenge?

  87. Destynee

    So , if your hair is permed, would it matter that you have to wash your hair every day for a week?

    • First, NO ONE, regardless of hair type or ethnicity, should wash (as in shampoo) their hair every day. If you are referring to co-washing, then the frequency will depend on your hair type. Whenever I do the inversion method, I don’t co-wash my hair until DAY #4. After that, I resume my normal wash routine of shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, etc. 1x/week. But, not every one will be able to do this.

      If you have hair that has been chemically processed (relaxed, permed, or color-treated), your hair will perform differently than your natural hair, regardless of texture and will likely not respond well to daily co-washings. That is why, as stated in my blog entry above, I recommend daily co-washings ONLY for those with type 1 or 2 hair as persons with these hair types innately tend to have oiler scalps and hair. If you have type 3 or 4 hair, co-washing every 2-3 days (at most) should be sufficient unless you work out intensely every day and sweat in your hair excessively, etc.

  88. Great article.
    Thank you for the information.

  89. Nina

    Hello, will this work over the course of a year? In other words, can you get 12 inches of hair growth if you do this every month for 12 months? I ask this because I know your body can get accustomed to things and they lose their effect. I have searched the Internet and have not heard about anyone who has done this for at least a year. Can the inversion method eventually lose its effect even if done only once a month? Or, is a month enough time in between to still have the “shocking” effect? Thanks.

    • Hi, Nina. I addressed this indirectly in my blog post and also previously in the comments section …

      As stated before, the reason the inversion method works so effectively is because it “shocks” your system. Last year, I personally used the inversion method for 4 consecutive months. However, I noticed that the method stopped working for me after two months. The first two months I used the method, I gained a 1/2″ of hair growth in one week and another 1/2″ the remainder of the month. The third and fourth months I used the method, I only received a 1/2″ of growth total (1/2″ during my one week of inversion and no growth the rest of the month). That is why I say in my post not to overuse the method or your body will adjust to it, and it will have little to no effect. :cry:

      After the New Year, I decided that I would only use the inversion method a MAXIMUM of 4 months in the year. This equates to once per quarter (e.g., January, April, July, and October) or for two consecutive months at a time with breaks in-between (e.g., March/April and September/October). So, I think it would be next to (if not) impossible to get 12″ of hair growth exclusively from this method. However, if you used various growth aids during the months that you DID NOT invert, then I think it could be possible. ;)

      Hope that helps …

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