My Decision

Ok, so I admit it! My decision to transition to natural hair started with a bit of hair envy. I was seeing so many natural beauties with hair so much more versatile than my own limp, damaged relaxed locks. Although I have been relaxed for most of my life, I became a natural in undergrad when I was 20 by default. After a bad experience at a hair salon, I went from healthy shoulder length hair to a slightly shorter bobbed do. My hair had never been that short before. After it started to grow, I relaxed only my roots, but my damaged hair needed time to recoup, so I grew out the relaxer. After two years of being natural, the itch for bone straight hair returned, and I resumed my former habits. Ten years later, I am still paying for it!

In the last year, I noticed that the ends of my hair was starting to thin, and I developed a  noticeable gap in the middle of my hair (when my hair was worn down). Desperate to reverse the damage that had occured to my hair, I started to do research. I spent almost six months pouring over books about the science of black hair, watching YouTubers and other vloggers start a successful hair journey, and reading blog entries about the best techniques and products for our hair. As a result, my goals, during my transition, are to maintain length as I use low manipulation and protective styles to slowly transition from relaxed to natural hair. I am thinking I will transition for a year or two, but we will see how patient I am in the long run!   😉

What are your goals? Are you a relaxed diva looking to obtain a more lustrous mane? A natural maven flaunting your crown of glory? A frustrated transitioner searching for ways to stay patient? Or, are you just a coiffure enthusiast interested in all things hair?

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