Will the Inversion Method Work without a Scalp Massage and Oil?

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Caution Border Pale Pink  Before Attempting the Inversion Method,

  Read My First Post Describing the Method

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When: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 – Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Oil Used: None
Length of Scalp Massage: 0 minutes
Length of Inversion: 4 minutes 2x per day (4 minutes in the morning and 4 minutes in the evening/night right before bed)
Frequency: 7 consecutive days
Inversion Position: Laid on bed with chest and head hanging off bed (toward floor) with hands on floor for support.*
Starting Length: 6.50″
Ending Length: 7.00″**

After experiencing a minor hair setback, I decided to try the inversion method again to jumpstart my hair growth. I started the inversion method on Wednesday morning (October 2). I inverted twice a day. Once in the morning for four minutes and then again at night (right before bed) for four minutes. After inverting, I donned a satin bonnet and went to bed. I didn’t even use the GHE or baggy method! I repeated this procedure for seven consecutive days. My starting hair length was 6.50″.

**I gained 0.50″ by the end of the week (the same amount as my first attempt). However, this time, my hair growth was more even … front-to-back and side-to-side.  Even the top of my crown experienced growth. And, I didn’t have to worry about co-washing or styling my hair multiple times during the week due to excess oil. Woo-hoo!



Update: I DO NOT recommend inverting for more than 4 minutes TOTAL each day. I did this as an experiment to see if massaging my scalp and using oil was necessary. However, I did not like the way I felt when I inverted twice a day. Inverting for more than 4 minutes a day is too much, I think. Also, if you notice, I received the same amount of growth whether I inverted with or without oil or with or without massaging my scalp (0.50″ in 7 days). I’ve tried several variations, but each time I received the same amount of growth. So, I think limiting inversion to 4 minutes each day is the healthiest and best option.


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87 responses to “Will the Inversion Method Work without a Scalp Massage and Oil?

  1. chloe

    i have coconut oil , olive oil and eggs … for a mask ,,, but which oil do you think is best for the inversion method ? coconut or oil?

  2. If I start this method…and I get good results…so can I left it after good results

  3. Diana Velez

    Hi! I JUST discovered your website! Amazing. Thank you for your knowledge. I was thinking, hair grows an average of .5 inches a month, and if I do this method (and it works for me) and grows .5 inches, is that in addition to the .5 inches I would have grown out normally?

    • Thank you for the blog compliments! 😘 The long and short of it is that, “It depends!” So, YES and NO. For instance, without this method, when my hair is healthy, it grows an average of about 0.5″ a month. However, when I utilized this method, I attained about 0.75″ in 1 week, and then I retained another 0.25″ over the remaining 3 weeks in the month. Other people who have used this method simply received their month’s worth of hair growth up front all at once and didn’t receive any additional growth. So, there is no one-size-fits-all here. So, just try the method out and see if it works for you … Hope that helps!

  4. Emma

    Do you think this could work the same if I massaged my head (without oil usage) and did the inversion? I am also starting basketball at the same time, so will that affect anything?

    • The inversion method does work without using oil but not as well. Also, if you are already very active (or become very active), the inversion method’s efficacy dwindles significantly since you will already have increased blood flow in your body.

  5. Tehreem

    Can i do inversion method seven day continously in a week???? Please reply fast

    • There’s no reason to leave multiple/identical comments. I always reply to my blog comments as soon as I can (usually within 24-48 hours).

    • Nacala

      I noticed you stated that your exercise regime impeded your results. I currently workout 6 days a week, will this method not work for me?

      • Yes, that’s correct. It’s because part of what makes the inversion method work so well is the fact that it improves blood circulation to the hair follicles. If you already exercise regularly, the likelihood that the inversion method will work for you is significantly reduced. Unfortunately for me, once I upped my workouts to 6-7 days a week for an hour or so a day, the inversion method stopped working for me completely. Obviously, since my overall health is more important to me than long hair, I kept my workout routine and stopped using the inversion method.

        But, give it a try. You may still get expedited hair growth, depending on your hair type. Just don’t expect the same stellar results that you’d receive if you didn’t already have good blood circulation (from a healthy workout routine).

  6. Tehreem

    Can i do inversion method 7 days continously???

  7. Tehree

    Can i do inversion method seven day continously in a week???? Please reply fast

  8. I have very hard hair,just like steelwool, wil this method help?

  9. ellie

    Hi. Great blog. I was wondering if you noticed whether any additional growth had taken place within the three weeks off … when u would have done your beginning week length check in the following round.

    • Thank you!

      Yes, I personally did. It just depends on the growth you receive. Those that get 1″ of growth or more in a week, tend not to. Those, like me, who got 0.50″ – 0.75″ in a week, usually got more growth (for a total of around 1″) in a month. Each person is different. It just depends on your maximum rate of growth.

      • I got an inch for the week of my inversion and when I did a length check to begin the following month, I had gain at least another inch and more in some areas for a total of 2″ or more inches for the month. I have been working out 6 days a week since 2015, so I will see if it keeps me from getting the same results for July…… I hope that theory is wrong! I just like to have my cake and eat it too! Zero calorie cake.

      • Hopefully, you’ll prove to be the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, though, for most of us that exercise daily, the inversion method simply no longer works for us. 😦

  10. moneet

    Can I do this with no oil? Will it affect me?

    • Please read my blog post above to learn about my experience using the inversion method without oil and a massage. Only you can determine how using (or not using) the inversion method will affect you.

  11. girl

    Can I do mine in the afternoon and, at night, can my hair be flat ironed?

  12. Rasheeda

    Hi, I’m really thinking about trying this since my protective haven twists seriously ravaged my ends, and I have to cut them. I want a quick way to get back to where I was. I am natural with 4c/4b/4a hair and was wondering if it was necessary for me to wash the oil out considering my hair drinks it up?

  13. julia

    Hi, I missed a day because I was busy. I’m so mad. Will I not have a result by the end of the week because of this?

    • If you only missed one day, it probably won’t affect your results much. But, it’s important to be consistent. I liked to put a reminder in my phone set to repeat every day for 7 days at the same time each day so that I wouldn’t forget …

  14. Taylor

    Hi! Thank you for all the information and for sharing your alternate method. I was wondering since you still got results without massaging or using oil, do you think .5-1″ result is possible if you massage with oil but invert for 7 days throughout the month instead of consecutively? I like using oil on my hair for the benefits, but I would have to wash my hair or at least rinse it well after every use if I did it for 7 straight days.. no fun. So I thought maybe just doing it on the weekends may show results. Just curious for your opinion! Please and thank you. (:

    • Taylor

      Also, have you noticed any difference in the health of your hair? Especially near the scalp? Just wondering if forcing your hair to grow so fast is actually good or not.. I have really long hair already, about 4 inches from my butt, so I don’t want to have to cut it all if I start growing weaker hair.. if that makes sense..? Lol I loooooove my hair and take really good care of it, so if you have any cons or concerns I’d really like to hear about them. I have no idea what type of hair I have since it is wavy, curly, and kinky. Haha

      • Not at all. The strongest part of our hair is the newest part of our hair, which is at the roots. That is always the case. It has nothing to do with the hair texture you have. Hope that helps …

    • No. The reason you get results so quickly is because you are inverting every day for seven consecutive days.

  15. mizkiwii

    I hope your family is doing fine. Also, thank you for this page. I never knew something as simple as a massage can make your hair grow this fast. It is too freaking amazing!

    For people who are shedding excessively (coming from someone who has straight hair) try to get a good 2 in 1 shampoo. Ideally if you turn the two step process of shampooing and conditioning into one, you tug at your hair less and therefore you pull less hairs out. Also, you should NEVER comb your hair when it’s wet ESPECIALLY if you notice that your hair is having an unhealthy shedding pattern. Talk to your doctor and get an annual physical if you can, it could be vitamin deficiency.

  16. (unknown)

    Hi, so I have really curly hair and I was wondering will the growth be noticeable? Right now my hair is at my shoulders and I really want it to be half way between my shoulders and butt in a year! Will the growth add up quickly and be noticeable the first try?

    • First, I think you need to set realistic hair goals. For example, expecting your hair to grow two feet in one year is not only unreasonable but scientifically impossible! So, be practical about what your hair can and cannot do …

      I have very curly hair as well, and I can tell when my hair is healthy and growing, but it is often difficult to tell exactly how much. That is why in my blog post, I encourage people to measure their hair BEFORE using this method (or any hair growth method) and AFTER using this method. It is the only way to know for certain not only whether your hair grew but by how much.

  17. MJ

    I am trying this, but I hope the fact that I already do Yoga doesn’t hinder the process from working. We’ll see. Thanks for the info.

  18. Anny

    Technically, you could also do a 4-minute handstand, right?

  19. LengthloverV

    I am wondering if someone could use the method for four consecutive days with 2 – 2 & 1/2 weeks in between and still get good/great results… Maybe I’ll try that out after my second inversion. Like March. I’ll let you know what happens… The body is a lovely mystery. 😀

    Love the blog btw. I was wondering about the whole without oil thing. Glad someone tried it before me. 🙂

    • I would NOT recommend using the method that frequently. When the method is overused or used too frequently, it ceases to work. In addition, it places you more at risk of negative side effects.

  20. Jakaylah

    Do you hold your head upside down when you invert?

  21. Hadleigh

    Hey, do you think that using jojoba oil will work? I also have tea tree.

  22. Hannah

    Hey! I have really thin hair, and I’m wondering if I would still get good results. Also, after reading a lot of the comments, I just need one thing clarified … I know that you don’t have to massage your scalp, but I think I will. So, would i massage first then invert, or …

    • Results will vary because no two heads of hair are alike. But, most people, regardless of hair type, receive great results … Yes, you massage your scalp, then invert.

  23. thaboe

    Hi. Can I use an oil-based spray as opposed to normal oil for the inversion? I have an olive oil spray that is very oily.

    • I’ve only used natural oils. However, if that is all you have, give it a try and see if it works. Obviously, you cannot heat up an aerosol can, so you will be massaging your scalp with the oil spray as opposed to massaging your scalp with a hot oil. Let me know your results!

  24. lilpreacher

    Can I curl my hair while doing the inversion method?

  25. max

    Can you use Johnson’s baby oil? And, what does the oil have to do with the inversion method?

  26. Sarah:)

    Hi, is it okay to use spearmint or moroccan oil to massage your scalp? Also, do I massage my scalp with oil while I’m upside down?

    • You DO NOT need to massage your hair while inverting, you massage your hair for 4 minutes AND THEN invert! And, yes, as mentioned in my blog post, you can use any oil you prefer.

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  28. Sophie

    Hi I was wondering if you still wash your hair as normal doing this because I can’t stand greasy hair and have to wash mine every other day?

  29. Meme

    Can You Upload A Pic For This Inversion Method Position?

    • Hi, hon! I recently moved, and I’m still in boxes. So, I doubt I’ll be able to take a pic any time soon. The video I have linked in my blog post shows most of the inversion positions.

      The position I personally use is the controversial one where you lie on the bed (with your face and stomach facing down). I extend the first third of my body off of the bed and place my hands on the floor (for support). I keep my head tilted down. So, it is as if I am in an angled plank position or pseudo downward dog position.

      FYI: Some people do this in reverse (lying on their back with their chest facing the ceiling while dangling the first third of their body from the bed), but I think that puts too much stress/strain on your neck and back.

      Hope that helps …

  30. Erin

    Does this work if your hair is pressed or relaxed? Just wondering, because I can never wear my hair natural like yours without it knotting up. Thanks!

  31. Mmvo

    Thank you! Really works, too!

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  33. Alana Jones

    Hello there. So, my intent wasn’t exactly to do the inversion method because I had only saw mentions of using oil, but I have just been massaging my scalp for a min to 5 mins for the last 4 days. However, this a.m. I decided to do it while lying on my bed and allowing my lower half to hang off the bed upside down while I perform the scalp massage which I also do for about 6 minutes before bed. So, my long winded question is, do you think that I should apply the same rules and only do my scalp massage in that manner for 6 days. Also, I’m interested to know what the health risks are. I had always been taught that hanging upside down is good for the body. Thank you in advance my lady… 🙂

    • Yes, follow the rules for inversion starting from the day you first began inverting.

      As far as health risks, there are many …

      Yes, in general, inversion therapy is healthy, but moderation is key. Being upside down or in an inverted position places a great deal of stress on the body, even a healthy one.

      Inversion causes elevated pressure in the eyes and ears, will slow down your heart rate, and increase your blood pressure after a few minutes. This causes your heart to move blood through the body at a force greater than it is accustomed. For example, if you have hypertension, glaucoma, heart problems, or are otherwise unhealthy, elevations of this sort can be dangerous to your health because the method has a tendency to exacerbate any problems already present in the body. These effects make inversion especially unwise for anyone with a health condition.

      But, even if you are healthy, the inversion method can cause discomfort, dizziness, nauseousness, and headaches. It also makes you more prone to pulling a muscle.

      This is why, whether you are using an inversion table, an inversion chair, or simply manually inverting your body, you shouldn’t overdo it! There’s a tendency to believe that, “if inverting for four minutes is good, then 10 minutes is even better,” but this IS NOT the case.

      Because of the potential downsides of too much stress and pressure on the circulatory and skeletal system, being inverted IS NOT healthy for everybody and can become extremely dangerous to those who overdo it!

      • Alrighty, I understand. Thank you very much for the info. 🙂

      • I’m really into sharing info., so if you haven’t heard of this I wanted to recommend to u using yogurt as a conditioning treatment because it serves so many amazing purposes & is beyond moisturizing. Also rice water is used within Asia to soften the hair, add luster, and promote overall strength. And, within India, they use a fruit within its powder form called Indian gooseberry (a.k.a. Amla) to restore keratin.

        I am working on a blog, so I hope to be able to share with you as well. 🙂 Oh, yes! One last thing … If you haven’t heard of simplicity hair oil, look it up asap.

      • Yes, actually, I have read about the benefits of rice water and yogurt for the hair. Banana and avocado are also supposed to be beneficial as a mask/deep conditioning treatment. However, I have a thing about NOT putting anything food-related in my hair. It is just NOT for me. LOL!

        I’ve also done some research on Amla oil. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am “itching” to get my hands on some. 😀

        Thanks for sharing the info., though. You never know who it might help. And, good luck with your blog! xo

      • Oh noooo. LOL. Well, I understand the food products in hair is not for everyone. LOL. I’ve heard of the banana also, but I have yet to try it.

        I just ordered some Amla powder from Amazon and am truly counting down the moments until its arrival. The benefits are endless with relationship to that fruit. It’s amazing.

        But, thank you for the kind wishes. 🙂

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  35. Poupee

    I wonder if we can do it for more than one week in a month?

    • No, you can’t! Or, perhaps, I should say, “shouldn’t.” The reason the inversion method works so well AND so quickly is that it “shocks” your system by generating an immense amount of blood circulation in your head. This kind of jump starts the hair follicles and tells them to grow more quickly. If you do it for a period longer than 7 days, your body will likely get used to the extra blood flow, and the method won’t work as well. Also, there is the added risk of danger to your health. Who wants that? I may not have gotten an inch, but half an inch in a week is good enough for me!

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