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Diane 2″ Bobby Pins

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I have been on the lookout for new bobby pins for what seems like forever. When I came across these two-inch bobby pins by Diane on Amazon, I was super excited. They’re only $6.19, yet you get a whole pound of them!  After reading a few reviews that said they were horrible and poorly made, I was a little torn about whether I should get them. However, because the product had 4.5 stars, I decided that the few negative reviews were probably a rare instance of someone who had received a defective batch.

Because I have so many natural variations in my hair, the brown bobby pins are too light. Since these didn’t come in dark brown, just brown or black, I chose black. I figured it would be better to use darker bobby pins than to have bobby pins that are too light standing out like a sore thumb! So, I pulled the trigger and happily ordered these two-inch bobby pins in black.

The bobby pins arrived promptly from Amazon. However, I was shocked by the way they were packed. They were just dumped into a box! There was no bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or foam. As a result, bobby pins were everywhere! 😡  In the corners of the box … Underneath the bottom flap of the box … Stuck to part of the tape that was intended to seal the box … It was a complete mess! I scooped out the bob pins I could find. Needless to say I was very annoyed, but I wasn’t discouraged! While frustrated by such poor packaging, at this price point, I was willing to forgive and forget, considering I received an entire pound of bobby pins for the same amount that you would normally pay just to get 100 or so.

Day 1, I had high hopes. The bob pins had the traditional crimped style that you find in most brands. However, I started noticing that my hair was peppered with black flecks. I didn’t know what it was! A couple of days later, I noticed even more black flecks in my hair. I quickly realized that the coating on the bobby pins was peeling off and peeling off excessively! To make matters worse, some of the tips on the bobby pins started popping off as well, scratching my head as I inserted the pin in my hair to secure my hairstyle of the day.

By day 4, I started to toss away the wayward pins and reached for some fresh ones. Since I had a pound of bobby pins, I figured I could afford to do it. However, before I could even use the bob pins this second time around, the coating started to peel off right in my hands! As you can see from the picture below, these bobby pins are quite inferior. The blank spots you see are where all the black finish was before it started to peel away. I intentionally did not use any flash so that you would be able to see that all the grayish/dull/non-black parts of the bobby pins are where the coating came off. You can even see a pile of the black “flakes” to the far right that accumulated on my bathroom counter from where some of the external coating accumulated.

That was it! I contacted Amazon and explained my disappointment with these bobby pins. They promptly allowed me to return the product for a full refund. Kudos to Amazon for such stellar customer service! Needless to say, my hunt for amazing bobby pins that won’t peel and fall apart in under a week continues … Sigh.

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