About Me

Hi, my name is Tasha. I am a former Seattleite who recently moved to Sweet Home Alabama. Talk about needing a hair routine change! I went from year-round rain mists to 100% humidity and counting … I watched YouTube videos and other vlogs, read hair blogs and articles by trichologists, and  devoured any hair research I could find in print and online. After researching for almost six months, I made the decision to transition from relaxed to natural hair. I figured it would help my hair to be more versatile, especially in the new humid climate that I now found myself.

My personal hair growing experience has been both triumphant and catastrophic over the years of miseducation, product junkie syndrome, style changes, disastrous trims, and a host of other personal hair care setbacks! So, be encouraged ladies. You’re not alone! Now, let’s get started on a journey to healthier hair …

BIG CHOP: February 06, 2013
MY LAST RELAXER: August 01, 2012
HAIR TEXTURE: Like many naturalspeople, I have more than one texture on my head. My hair is mostly 4A, but I have 3C curls in the top front of my crown, and 4B on the sides of my hair (above my ears and near my temples).
TEXTURIZER: November 17, 2018

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