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Hair Moisture 401 (the Grad Class): How to Maintain Healthy, Moisturized Hair

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Now that you have perfected your hair moisturizing regimen, have found the ideal products for your hair type, and have determined whether you live in a hard water area or not, it’s time to take your hair’s health to the next level! Here are some additional hair insights that will help you amp up and maintain an optimum level of moisture in your hair.


(1) Accept your hair’s DNA! Caring for your tresses can often feel like a tug of war that you never seem quite strong enough to win (if you let it)! I’ve learned that you have to accept your hair for what it is, and forgive it for what it’s not. I used to hate my curls—the time it took to tame them, the way they seemed to defy my simple wishes and gravity itself! I used to wish I had straighter, more manageable hair until most of my straight and wavy-haired friends told me they wished they had beautiful curls like mine. The grass is always greener …

There are those who could care less whether their hair is curly, straight, or somewhere in-between. Some people’s Christmas wish this year was simply to have a few strands on their head to fret over. So, be grateful for what you have! If you know your hair is more fragile than most and cannot handle much manipulation, appreciate the fact that you can rock a hairstyle for an extended period of time. Use low-manipulation hairstyles to your advantage to achieve healthy, moisturized hair. Because there are those who have hair that requires more frequent styling.

So, stop trying to make your hair something that it isn’t. For instance, my fine strands will never be thick. Aside from using a volumizing product to temporarily inflate the cortex of my follicles, the structure of my hair (color, shape, texture, rate of growth, etc.) is largely genetic. So, I can either praise my hair for what it is or hate it for what it’s not. I think we should stop wasting our energies despising our tresses for what they can’t do. Instead, love them for what they are capable of attaining!

You are What You Eat #2 with #

(2) You are what you eat! This is a truth often taken for granted but research has proven that poor eating habits have an adverse effect on the health of one’s hair. Vitamin deficiencies (i.e., in B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, or zinc), failure to consume enough protein, and indulging in too much junk food can lead to illness and hair loss. As a result, eating healthy (i.e., consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables) is crucial to creating an environment in which healthy hair can grow. In addition, most doctors recommend taking a high-quality multivitamin to ensure that our bodies receive the proper amount of nutrients.

Also, keep in mind that stress, smoking, certain health conditions, etc., also affect the health of one’s hair. All of these factors affect our ability to improve and maintain the health of our strands.Drink More Water with #

(3) H20 is your friend! The state of your skin and hair is often a great indication of the hydration level of your body. Have rough, patchy skin? Dry hair? Or, brittle nails? Chances are you need to increase your water consumption. Water is a critical necessity that is required for all body functions (i.e., digestion, electrolyte balance, transport of nutrients, lubrication of joints, and metabolism). The Institute of Medicine recommends 72 ounces of water a day (9 cups) for females and 100 ounces a day (12 cups) for males.

Having a hard time meeting your daily water quota? Add fresh lemon or lime juice to your water. I do this all the time, especially when I am at home. It’s a refreshing way to liven up still water. Instead of drinking soda, I will also opt for sparkling water instead (i.e., at restaurants and social gatherings). I have also been trying to increase my herbal tea intake and have limited the amount of caffeine I consume.

The point is, healthy, moisturized hair starts from within. Genetics dictate certain hair traits, so understand your hair type to best learn how to take care of YOUR hair. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, as part of a balanced diet. And, make water your beverage of choice to nourish your hair from the inside out.


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CHI AIR Ceramic Hair Dryer Demo + Style + Review

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I received the CHI Rocket hair dryer from Farouk Systems, Inc. for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

This blog post contains affiliate links (e.g., to Amazon, eBay, etc.), which means that if you click on one of the product links and place an order, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support my blog and allows me to continue to create content like this.

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I already own the CHI Rocket hair dryer, and I paid a pretty penny (almost $200) for it when it first came out. At the time, I thought it was the most revolutionary piece of hair equipment I ever owned. And, I think it was! It was lightweight, about 50% quieter than my previous hair dryer, and had a powerful motor that generated negative ions and far infrared heat with the lowest output of Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) for static-free results! However, I’ve owned my Rocket hair dryer for about six or seven years. While it’s still going strong, I recently became interested in CHI Air’s product line, which includes a ceramic hair dryer.

Similar to my beloved Rocket hair dryer, the CHI Air ceramic hair dryer comes with two attachments. Both include concentrator nozzles. However, instead of a comb attachment, the CHI Air includes a diffuser instead. Curly girls, rejoice!

Chi Air #1

Chi Air #2

This CHI Air ceramic hair dryer also has low EMF and eliminates static. In addition, it seals the hair’s cuticle for shiny, smooth hair. I like that both dryers have a hanging loop for those living in small quarters. (A special shout-out to all those living in studio or one-bedroom apartments!) The far infrared technology claims to repel humidity and reduce static electricity. I decided to put it to the test. I workout daily, which makes maintaining most straight or stretched hair styles darn near impossible. However, after my 60-minute workout session, my hair was still mostly straight, which is pretty impressive.

The Air hair dryer worked as well as the Rocket but seemed to dry my hair even faster. It is also noticeably quieter than my Rocket. Another major difference is the material that each blow dryer is made of. The Rocket is modern, sleek, and, yes, sometimes darn right slippery to hold! This can become a major annoyance when your hands and hair are wet (as they are prone to be when blow drying your tresses). I often find myself constantly stopping periodically just to wipe my hands and/or the Rocket handle down with a towel. Unlike the Rocket, the CHI Air has a more ergonomic design. The handle is softer and astronomically easier to hold.

The Rocket has 1800 watts compared to the Air’s 1500, but I didn’t notice any difference in terms of power or performance. In fact, the only major gripe I have is that I have to manually hold the cool shot button on the CHI Air whereas on my CHI Rocket I could just press it on and it would stay on until I pressed it again. Not sure why the product development team got rid of that feature, but I think they should bring it back! Other than that, I think the CHI Air blow dryer is amazing, especially for those short on time or who may be considering stretching their hair (with heat) on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Curious how this beauty performs in real time? Watch the vid below for the deets!


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