The Inversion Method for Natural Hair: My 1-Week Results

Caution Border Pale Pink  Before Attempting the Inversion Method,

  Read My First Post Describing the Method

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When: Saturday, August 31, 2013 – Friday, September 6, 2013
Oil Used: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Length of Massage: 4 minutes
Length of Inversion: 4 minutes
Frequency: 7 consecutive days
Inversion Position: Laid on bed with chest and head hanging off bed (toward floor) with hands on floor for support.*
Starting Length: 6.50″
Ending Length: 7.00″**

I started the inversion method on Saturday night (August 31). I warmed extra virgin olive oil in a cup of hot water. (I do not recommend heating the oil in the microwave as it will likely destroy most of the health properties.) Then, I divided my head into four quadrants and massaged each quadrant for one minute (my whole head for a total of four minutes). After that, I laid on my bed and inverted my chest and head toward the floor, using my hands for support. * Please note that the inversion position I used is considered controversial as some others have experienced extreme discomfort in this position. However,  this position FOR ME was very comfortable. In fact, I experienced more unease (chest pain) in another position where I sat in a chair and inverted my head as if painting my toes. 

After inverting, I GHEd and then went to bed. I repeated this for three consecutive days. On day four, my hair was very saturated (from the oil), so I cowashed. Then, I continued the rest of the inversion routine.

My starting hair length was 6.50″. I only took pictures of the front and side because it was extremely difficult to take pictures of myself while accurately holding a tape measure.

** This ended up being foretelling because the front of my hair and the sides of my hair are the only areas that grew (0.50″). The top crown of my head and the back of my head (nape area) didn’t increase in length at all. My ending length? Seven inches!

However, considering about half of my head received a half-inch of growth in only seven days, I think the inversion method is pretty miraculous! The only con is that this method uses quite a bit of oil, but considering the results, if you have enough oil on hand, it is worth adding into the arsenal of your healthy hair regimen.



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45 responses to “The Inversion Method for Natural Hair: My 1-Week Results

  1. Asia

    Will this help thinning edges come back?

  2. Pretty gurl

    Hi,I have been doing this for the past two days. Then, yesterday evening, I had a blood test that claimed that I am diagnosed with typhoid. Can I still continue doing this for the next 5 days? Or, do I need to wait ’til next month?

  3. Selena

    Hi, I’ve been attempting the inversion method for about 3 days now, i feel like i see something coming along! 😏

    My question though, I know many people were asking if they were able to go longer than 7 consecutive days and what not, with the fact that it’s on their risk. Am I able to do the inversion method more than once a day For 7 consecutive days, or only once a day for 7 consecutive days?? Also, I seen that you should wait only about 3 weeks at the most before you start using the method Again, am i able to wait maybe around 1 to almost 2 weeks instead of 3 weeks? Thanks!

    • NO, NO, and NO! There is such a thing as too much of a good thing! All things in moderation. The guidelines I itemized in my post above are meant to keep you safe and healthy. No amount of hair length is worth risking your hair. So, don’t be over-zealous!

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  5. Fanish Singh

    What should I use to wash my hair after using this method?

    • I like to co-wash (aka conditioner only wash). This removes any excess oil/debris but helps to keep your hair moisturized. See more hair-type specific recommendations in my blog post above.

  6. hairobsessed

    Hey! So, I really want to try this because my hairdresser cut my bangs too short. It’s EMBARRASSING! I literally stayed home for like 2 days because of this! I’m wondering if it also makes my bangs grow? Because I really need it to! Thanks before! 🙂

    P.S. I’ll tell you if it works!

  7. sidra

    I am 14, and I really want to try this method out. Can I try this method, or do I still need adult supervision? 🙂

  8. Anthonya

    Hey, I recently tried the inversion method, and it didn’t work on me at all. While reading the comments, I realized it might be so because I run for an hour every other day, but also … I am a smoker. Do you think that might also be the reason?

    • If you have great circulation already, especially if you have a consistent exercise regimen, the inversion method will not likely work for you. Personally, the method worked for me consistently until I upped my workout routine to one hour a day six days a week! So, unfortunately, it no longer works for me because of that …

  9. Enass

    Should I wash my hair every day? Using oil (even in small quantity) will give an oily look, and I cant afford that, especially with my work. (It has to be blow dried all the time.)

    • Enass, no one (regardless of ethnicity or hair type) should wash their hair everyday. It’s just not healthy. Please read my recommendations for your hair type in my blog post here. Also, search the comments below that post, as I have addressed this question numerous times.

  10. Anthony

    Im 18 and a guy. I’m thinning really bad and saw this. I did it today and was just wondering if it’s gonna work on me.

  11. Lyn

    I’m only on the second day of The Inversion Method, and somehow my hair has grown about 1/4″ in one day! I measured it and yeah.. is that normal? Thanks in advance!

    • I’m not sure there is a “normal” with the inversion method. Some people only receive a 1/4″ of hair growth in one week. Others receive almost 2″! I think it largely depends on hair type and your genetic predisposition. But, science supposition aside, congrats!

  12. Drishti

    Is it okay to do the method without using oil? Because oiling my hair causes pimples on the forehead.

  13. Rhenée

    Hi I’m back! I was reading some of the earlier questions about the inversion method not working because of exercise? Would you have to stop exercise for it to start working again, or would it never work again after? I want to try it next week, but I’m also beginning a sports team at school…

    • Yes, I noticed that when I started exercising every day that the inversion method no longer worked for me. This effect is likely due to the exercise increasing my circulation, so the inversion method now has no effect on me. And, others who have used this method have told me that they have experienced the same thing when they upped their exercise regime. It is what it is! Not much you can do about it.

  14. Rhenée

    Hi! I’m just wondering if the inversion method will work despite split ends? I have a lot, and I know I need to get them cut, but I’d feel more comfortable cutting my hair with more growth since my hair’s only neck length…

  15. ligia

    So when using this method, after a day or so, my hair is super oily even with a co-wash. Can I put my hair up? Cause it looks nasty and gross. Or, will it prevent this method from working as well?

  16. Julie

    What is co-wash?

  17. Bethany Cole

    So do I do this inversion treatment once a week or like more than 1 day, and am I able to oil my scalp more than once a week

  18. Arina Reabaia

    I tried this twice and didn’t get any growth. Could it be because I am working out 5 times a week, then my blood flow on my head already “runs” and opens up for the natural oils in my hair? I don’t see any other reasons why I don’t get results of the inversion method, because then my hair is already used to the blood flow.

    • Yes, I definitely think that is a possibility. For the last 6 months, I’ve been working out 40-60 minutes a day, 6 days a week. And, I’ve noticed this method no longer works for me either! Also, if your hair growth rate is already at its maximum, this method will not work. 😦

  19. Lexi

    Can you use a serum?

    • Yes, if you like. But, if this is your first time using the inversion method, I would recommend doing everything the way it was intended before you make any modifications. That way, you will have a base from which to measure any deviations you decide to take in the future.

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