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Hard Water Solution: Waterpik Universal Shower Filter

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When you have hard water, finding a solution is a must! However, this simple task became virtually impossible to complete in-between work, school, and life! After doing a lot of research and pricing the cost of solutions for my very hard household water, I became overwhelmed and pretty much gave up on any viable long-term solution. However, after two years’ worth of damage to my hair that forced me to lose 12″ + of hair growth, I knew I couldn’t just ignore the problem any more.

I quickly dismissed whole-home systems that would require I become the next international tycoon overnight. I decided to stop over-thinking and hone in on more cost-affordable alternatives. While boiling water or using only bottled water are viable solutions, these are short-term stratagems. For instance, boiling water doesn’t remove all the minerals in hard water, and trying to shampoo, condition, and deep condition your hair with only bottled water is cumbersome on the best of days! While I only use bottled water when making my own leave-ins and hair spritzes, trying to use it for all of my hair washing, rinses, treatments, etc., was just … well …

However, there are so many hard water solution “systems” out there that I’m pretty sure I gave myself a migraine. From Vitamin C filters to salt delivery and portable water exchange services. It’s a lot to take in! I started by finding and reviewing my current municipal water quality report. It itemized all of the particulates present (or absent) from the local tap water supply and included a list of the level detected, the source of contamination, and whether there was a violation of any EPA or CDC standards. (Note: Keep in mind that numerous organic contaminants are not yet regulated.)

After finally making the decision to go with a shower filter, and endless research on which filter would work best with my lifestyle (and wallet), I decided to use Waterpik’s Universal Shower Filter. This filter has the following features:

  • reduces chlorine for softer skin and hair
  • has a universal design that works with any handheld shower head
  • contains a 10,000 gallon filter life
  • adds 14″ to the length of the shower hose for extended reach
  • installs in minutes

How the Filter Works

The Installation Process

The Waterpik shower filter works with most handheld shower heads. All you have to do is connect one end of the filter to the existing shower head bracket and the other end to the shower hose. I love that the filter adds 14 inches to the length of my shower hose. The added length is great for increased ease with bathing children, washing pets, cleaning the shower or tub, etc. This is how the filter looks once installed …

Useful Life of Product

The filter should be replaced after 10,000 gallons of use (about 6 months based on three, nine-minute showers per day). After doing the math for my own single person use, this filter should last me about 12 months! Considering this filter retails for $29.99 and is often on sale between $19 and $25, this product is a steal of a deal!

Product Effectiveness

Given the affordable price of the filter, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. As promised, the filter installed in minutes. In fact, it was so easy to install that I kept reading the instructions to make sure I hadn’t missed something! But, installation really was straightforward and simple. So, I impatiently waited for my “wash day.” When it finally arrived, I eagerly shampooed, conditioned, hennaed, and deep conditioned my hair! Honestly, while in the shower, I couldn’t feel any difference. I thought my purchase was a bust. At least I had gotten the filter on Amazon during a huge sale, so I figured it wasn’t too big of miss!

Although a little upset and disappointed, I proceeded to prep my hair by sectioning it into quadrants, moisturizing my hair with my lavender spritz, sealing it with shea butter, and styling each section in flat twists over night. Usually in the morning, I moisturize and seal again, and style my hair. Then, that evening I do the same. Well, after only ONE USE, the Waterpik shower filter  has left my hair moisturized for two days. Two days! The last time my hair felt this good was ages ago when I lived in a soft water area (prior to moving to Alabama)! I am completely amazed that this filter could work so well instantaneously. After using the Waterpik shower filter for a month, I am finally, totally, and completely back on track with my natural hair journey.

Final Thoughts

Do you live in a hard water area? Do you have dehydrated or sensitive skin that becomes agitated every time you shower? Do you constantly battle with your dry or color-treated hair that won’t stay moisturized regardless of what you do? Then, you should consider buying a shower filter!

Even though I have Waterpik’s dual showerhead, I love that this Waterpik shower filter is universal and will fit virtually any handheld shower system. Another great feature is that it extends my shower hose by 14″. This makes mid-week or spontaneous hair treatments or co-washes much easier, especially if I’ve already showered. I am so ecstatic that I have found an inexpensive but effective hard water solution. It was two years coming, but definitely worth the wait (or delayed plunge … ahem). Well, better late than never!


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Henna: Take 2

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Henna - Take #2 Clapperboard

For my second henna treatment, I used the remainder of the henna mix from my first treatment that I had frozen. I added some amla powder (after mixing it with enough water to create a paste and letting it sit overnight). The amla powder smelled so amazing, I had to fight the temptation to eat it! LOL. After I co-washed the henna/amla mixture out of my hair, I deep conditioned my hair for 30 minutes under my hooded hair dryer. Then, I moisturized my hair with my lavender hair spritz and sealed in the moisture with some whipped shea butter.


Results achieved after my
first henna treatment.

Results achieved after henna/amla treatment.

Results achieved after my
henna/amla treatment.

Because I still had some remnants of permanent hair dye on the ends of my hair from when I colored my hair two years ago, my first henna treatment resulted in a dip-dyed hair effect. You can see that the amla powder toned down the bright, coppery color the henna left on the ends of my hair. However, I want to try to even out my hair color. So, next time, I think I will create a henna/indigo mix to tone down the leftover dye on the ends of my hair and to balance out my overall hair color.

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MineralRich: One-month Hair Growth Results

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Maximum Living: Mineralrich, 32 oz


Three or four years ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video from Honesty Love that recommended MineralRich liquid vitamins from Maximum Living for hair growth. Then, I totally forgot all about them … until recently when I was browsing YouTube and just happened to stumble upon another video from Honesty Love. Given all of the hair damage I’ve sustained from my local hard water, I decided to give these vitamins a try!

They have two varieties: (1) MineralRich and (2) MineralRich Plus Aloe. Both are around the same price (~$23). However, because I can’t stand the taste of aloe vera juice, I opted for the original MineralRich supplement. Both 32 oz. bottles contain only 30 calories per 1 oz (2 TBS) serving as well as identical daily values for each vitamin. MineralRich contains a proprietary blend of macro and trace minerals (e.g., vitamin B-12, silica, biotin, magnesium, selenium, chromium, et al) for total body nutrition. However, many people that have taken this liquid vitamin (i.e., for mood boosting or to improve their overall health) have noticed significant hair growth. Yes, that’s right! Hair growth from a liquid vitamin.



Take 1 oz. (2 tbsp.) daily. Mix or follow with an 8 oz. glass of water. For nutritional use only. Discontinue if allergic reaction occurs.

The Challenge:

MineralRich comes in a 32 oz bottle. Because the daily portion is 1 oz (2 TBS), one bottle will last 32 days, just over a month. I decided to put this potential hair growth aid to the test for a month (32 days). Here are my results …


Summary of Results:

When: July 12, 2016 – August 12, 2016 (32 days)
What: MineralRich Liquid Vitamins
Frequency: Daily (7x per week)

Starting Length (FRONT): 13.50″
Starting Length (RIGHT): 12.00″ (shortest strand) – 13.00″ (longest strand)
Starting Length (LEFT): 12.00″ (shortest strand) – 13.00″ (longest strand)
Starting Length (CROWN): 16.00″ (shortest strand) – 17.00″ (longest strand)
Starting Length (BACK): 11.50″ (shortest strand) – 12.00″ (longest strand)

Ending Length (FRONT): 14.50″

Ending Length (RIGHT): 12.50″ (shortest strand) – 13.00″ (longest strand)     

Ending Length (LEFT): 12.50″ (shortest strand) – 13.00″ (longest strand)        

Ending Length (CROWN): 16.50″ (shortest strand) – 17.00″ (longest strand)   

Ending  Length (BACK): 11.50″ (shortest strand) – 12.00″ (longest strand)       

SUMMARY: My hair grew 1.0″ in the front. However, the rest of my hair stayed the same or only grew 0.50″. 

Side Effects:

While I didn’t experience any side effects, some people have complained about having severe gas or stomach aches. However, I eat clean, exercise daily, and drink plenty of water. The instructions specifically state that the supplement should be followed by (or mixed in) 8 oz. of water. And, most people who experienced unpleasant side effects were not drinking water with (or after taking) the supplement. So, I think drinking plenty of water is key!


I am pretty underwhelmed by my mediocre results. However, I have another 1 month supply left. Since I did receive 1″ of hair growth in the front of my hair, I think I will take the other bottle I have to see if I can achieve better results with MineralRich over the next month. Fingers crossed!

Maximum Living: Mineralrich, 32 oz


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