My Current Regimen

This is my revised regimen that I have come up with for my mostly 4A tresses to combat high humidity and hard water.

Weekly Routine

Nightly Routine

Monthly Routine


  • Stay away from heat on a daily basis; limit direct heat (e.g., flat ironing) to 2 times per year
  • Air dry
  • Use low manipulation styles as hair grows longer
  • Dust ends once a quarter; trim hair only when necessary

Summary: Pre-poo, shampoo, condition, moisturize and seal, and use a low-manipulation hair style



NOTE: Use protein treatments with caution. Listen to YOUR hair. When my hair was relaxed, it needed a weekly protein treatment just to maintain the status quo. Now that I am natural, my hair only needs a protein treatment every 6-8 weeks. 

11 responses to “My Current Regimen

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  5. Martha Johnson

    I need help. I started this natural journey before about 3 years ago, 2012, but went back to the relaxer because I didn’t know what to do with my hair. My hair is very curly. I have a multiracial background of biracial mom with big soft wavy curls, and an African American dad with 4c hair. My hair Is not kinky. It is usually very soft. It grows pretty consistently. I was using old school curl activator and curls. It usually took about 2 days to fully moisturize after a wash. But my curly just kept getting bigger and I didn’t know how to make it hang down. I could do twist and coils but the shrinkage made them odd to me. So I went back to relaxer. Big mistake! I usually did it myself and took great care of my hair and had good growth and healthy hair, but I let a hairdresser put a lye relaxer in and it started breaking off. So I cut it short with some straight ends that I would periodically cut off over the next few month. I went back to wash and go. I would wash and deep co dish, but I would not carefully detangle and I had a lot of breakage.
    That brings me to today I am using Miss Jessie’s products predominantly baby butter cream for moisturizer, both the rapid recovery cond. and sweet back conditioner alternately. I use MJ leave in Condish. I use MJ cO-wash and I am trying As I Am Coconut cowash. I use Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner when I need to cleanse products. I just started using Shea Moisture Jamacian Black Castor Oil Edge Control. Occasionally I use MJ jelly soft curl for wavy up-do and MJ curly puddly for Coils to stay in. My hair has a hard time holding coils or 2 strand twist because it is so curly and coily.
    Okay here is my questions. I wash weekly, pre-pooing the night before with Alikay 17 essentials oil. Then I wash or co-wash. I use microfiber towel and I gently de tangle using my DC with my fingers and shower comb. I twist as I de tangle and condition about 8 sections. (I lose some hair in this process) but no where near as much as before. Then I use heat protection, bag it , and get under dryer 30 minutes. Then I untwist and let hair cool then I rinse each section and then apply my leave in Condish one section at a time. Now at this point if I air dry I will have moisturize over several days. If blow dry on low heat with protection I can moisturizer and go. I have also used banding my sectioned hair and letting it dry overnight. That works and helps stretch it.
    My dilemma is that I am doing protective styles that find on YouTube particularly braids and flat twists. But it seems that my hair always pops out little strands, some of it is breakage areas from earlier not de tangling right and in front a small area from pulling it back and headbands prior to this natural round, and some is just whispy frizzy like places. It has always been that way since I was a kid. It is as if it will not do anything except wash and go. However I am having good growth. Also I have tried the Inversion method for a week along with the GHE which seems to work, but makes my hair even frizzier with the extra moisture.
    1. I am wondering is my regimen a good one. Is one a week washing too much.
    2. Everything I read says moisture daily but it also say leave hair non manipulative style for a week or 2. How can I leave and moisturizer it? And how can I co wash it and leave it in a non manipulative style?
    3 I think that I manipulate to much b/c if band it and dry it then I style it in braids or coils next day I lose extra hair on the second day style. What should I do?
    I am sorry this sooooooo long but I need some help. Thank you, MJ.

    • Martha,

      There’s no way I can tell if your regimen is a good one. Only you can decide that. No two heads of hair are alike. You need to carefully craft a hair regimen to see if it works for you, your lifestyle, and your hair type. There is no “one size fits all.” If your current hair regimen isn’t working, change ONE thing at a time for a month and see how your hair does. Then, keep doing this until you find a combination that works for you. There is no magic bullet. Designing a hair regimen takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and patience. All I can do is offer advice as to what has worked for me and my hair, which is why I started my blog.

      And, truth be told, you should count on changing your hair regimen periodically … sometimes with the changing seasons … and sometimes just because … For instance, the products and techniques that worked on my hair when it was super short no longer work on my mid-length hair. And, that’s okay. As your hair and hair length change and evolve, your hair regimen will have to do the same!

      However, many things ARE in our control, like how we handle our hair when detangling and styling. So, if you know you overmanipulate your hair, don’t detangle or style your hair when you are overly tired or short on time. Also, try to conscientiously be more patient and go slower. Your hair will thank you!

      Take care,
      Hair Diary

  6. Nia Thomas

    Hi! I was wondering if you are still inverting once a month. If so, are you still seeing results? Thanks!

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