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Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons. I love singing carols, warming myself by a nice fire, and spending time with family. On Christmas Eve, I went to see Committed perform. Committed is an a cappella group of six male vocalists from Huntsville, Alabama. The group won the second season of the musical competition, The Sing-Off. Their freshman self-titled album, Christmas songs, and several singles are available on iTunes. Here are a couple of pics. Please excuse the poor quality (as I accidentally left my camera at home, so the photos were taken with my phone).

For my Christmas Eve party, I scaled back the over-the-top decorations and opted for a splash of unexpected color . On Christmas, my family and I continued our tradition of going to the movies, and then we shared a Christmas feast to rival any celebration rhymed about by Dr. Seuss (minus the roast beast).


The color story for my Christmas Eve party was inspired by peacock feathers. I love the combination of teal and varying hues of metallics like gold, copper, and bronze.


I decided to wear an ivory lace camisole, a black velvet skirt with ivory lace trim, and a black velvet blazer.


I wanted an overall vintage theme. I used metallic pearlescent  white, metallic silver, and charcoal gray eye shadows with a black liner. I polished off the look with a lippy in rich red.


I french-rolled the back of my hair and used a sparkly rosette clip to separate it from the two-strand twist-out at the top.

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Giving Thanks …

Thanksgiving Quotation #3a

I love Autumn. It’s my favorite season. Thanksgiving just makes Autumn that much more amazing.  🙂 This Thanksgiving, I did not have any travel plans, so I did not have the pleasure of any restaurant-sized family gatherings like when I was a child that required multiple tables and enough food to feed an army! Nope. Just a small, intimate family gathering with my parents and one of my sisters. My other two siblings and all of my other relatives live in other states. So, when my three elder siblings and myself are in the same room with my parents, without Skypeing (LOL), we practically throw a celebration fit for royalty. While our grand feast will have to wait for another year or two, that did not mean I planned to skimp on the festivities. How did you spend your Thanksgiving?




Thanksgiving Chalkboard Menu

Happy Thanksgiving!

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About Hair Diary

I created this blog as a means for charting my own personal hair journey. I hope that in the months and years to come that I will be able to self-educate myself as to the best methods and products to achieve healthier hair. Hopefully, I will inspire you to do the same. In order to better understand our hair’s needs, avoid common hair growth pitfalls, and acquire healthier hair, we must first figure out what works and doesn’t work for our hair.

Here’s to stronger, healthier hair!


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