DIY Sulfur Hair Growth Oil + Results

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I researched for months to find a hair growth aid that could help me to grow an inch in a month. After sifting through mountains of information, I came across MzBeautifulBarnes on YouTube who talked about a DIY hair growth oil … right up my alley! You can watch her video below.


I decided to give it a try. Here is what you will need:



  1. Add 1 tsp of sulfur to an applicator bottle
    • I used a funnel to avoid wasting any sulfur or making a mess.
    • Make sure you are adding a teaspoon of sulfur and NOTtablespoon of sulfur!
  2. Add 8 oz. (1 cup) of any oil of your choice.
  4. You have just made your very own sulfur-based hair growth aid. Enjoy your new hair growth!
  5. TIPS:
    • Shake the applicator bottle prior to application to ensure the sulfur powder is evenly distributed before each use.
    • Don’t overly saturate your scalp!
    • Baggy or use the GHE 3-5 nights a week to accelerate hair growth.


Every night before going to bed, I applied this DIY sulfur hair growth oil to my scalp (not the length of my hair). I dabbed it on with an applicator bottle. (As time went on, though, I felt that my Roots Only bottle did a better job of evenly distributing the oil and prevented me from applying too much.) I massaged my scalp for 2-4 minutes and did the GHE 5 nights a week (usually Monday – Friday). I followed my normal wash routine. I DID NOT rinse out the oil each night or co-wash during the week. I did this for 3 weeks. At the end of 21 days, I gained 0.50″ in hair growth. Week 4, I did the inversion method using the sulfur mix as my hot oil.


My hair measured 7.0″ at the end of October and 7.5″ at the end of November. After using the sulfur hair growth oil for 4 weeks (28 days), my hair now measures 8.5″ all over. I gained an inch in one month!!! Woot! Woot!


Unfortunately, I got a virus on my computer that deleted several of my media files, among which were my BEFORE photos. (Sigh.) So, I only have my AFTER pics. But, hopefully, you have read my blog long enough now to know that I am honest. Here are my results …


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19 responses to “DIY Sulfur Hair Growth Oil + Results

  1. how many times should I apply the THE in a week

  2. Roni

    Could I try this and not use the GHE or baggy method and still get results?

  3. KD

    Did the sulphur leave an odor? I’d love to do this but need to be “office ready” in the morning. Can’t have people asking “what’s that smell” when I walk by…

  4. MzBeautifulBarnes

    So glad my video helped you out 🙂

  5. Hi there! I was wondering if you had any updated results? I know this is an older post but I was curious if you had continued to use this method?

  6. So will I notice changes in 2 months? I mean will I and people be able to see the growth as I have STRAIGHT HAIR WITH A LITTLE WAVY FROM BELOW cx ur method can increase my hair by 1 inch which means 2 inch in 2 months and then my hair will grow 1 inch by the inversion method and then castor oil is the best oil which can grow 2-3 inches in 2 months. And yea do tell me that I just told u the calculations which will apparently increase my hair by 4 to 5 or even 6 inches so are my calculations correct, atleast to some extent?

    • Yes, you should be able to SEE your hair growth more readily than someone with curly/coily hair. That’s just a given because your hair is straight. As far as how quickly your hair grows, that is up to each individual head of hair.

      Because you have mostly straight hair, chances are your hair will grow at a faster rate. However, that is no guarantee. So, if you are expecting to grow 6 inches of hair in 2 months, that is very improbable and unreasonable, even for someone with your hair type. So, remember to set realistic hair goals …

  7. Hey, I just wanted to know, can I do this method of yours along with the inversion method for the first two weeks and not doing the inversion method in last two weeks and just your method? Can I carry out your method this way? And, unlike your hair, my hair is very straight and has a slightly wavy form below so would I see changes since you had to stretch your hair, but I wouldn’t have to do so.

    And, yeah, can I carry out other methods and remedies along with this method? Reply asap please as 2-3 days back I cut my hair about 3-4 inches and now I’m crying like h***, and I want to grow my hair long as before in the following two months before my school starts. And, do u have any other methods or remedies of growing hair longer, faster along with this one?

    • I think you need to be careful … Pairing the inversion method with a growth aid or with the GHE or baggy method is fine, but trying to use five different hair growth methods simultaneously not only would be unpredictable and unwise, it could also lead to catastrophic effects. You never want to overload your hair with that many products, techniques, etc., at one time.

      Patience is key, dear. Since you are in a hurry to regain the hair length you lost, I would start with the inversion method. It only takes a week of your time 4 minutes a day. To expedite your results, you can try the inversion method with a hair growth aid (i.e., this DIY Sulfur Hair Growth Oil). But, please DO NOT try to do the inversion method multiple times in the month (or even for 4-5 months in a row). This method works best when spaced out and used with other healthy hair growth practices.

  8. Kia Brown

    Thanks for the recipe … Will try … Hopefully, I will get similar results.

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