Fermented Rice Water Rinse for Hair Growth: 3-month Results

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This is the third month I have used fermented rice water rinses. It has really transformed my hair for the better … My hair has never felt smoother, shinier, or silkier! You can read my posts on my month #1 results and month #2 results for more detailed information on how fermented rice water rinses have improved the overall condition of my  temperamental, multi-textured, fragile hair.

I like to use organic brown rice, but you can use organic white rice (or any other rice you prefer).  I go into the nutrient break down between the two HERE. For the general recipe and instructions for how to make fermented rice water, read this post HERE on the subject.

After 12 weeks of using fermented rice water, am I still receiving positive results? Watch the video below to chart my experience with using fermented rice water over the last 3 months …


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