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My New Hard Water Hair Care Routine

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[Step #1] L-O-C It Up!

I’ve had several people ask for an update about my hair and hair care. One of the tasks I’ve had to address a few months into the New Year was finding a way to tackle my hard water woes. It has been a challenge that has seemed almost insurmountable at times. I have had to completely revamp my hair care routine. This has included finding a new shampoo and conditioner that would address my hard water issues as well as developing a more intense hair moisturization routine. I now moisturize my hair every morning AND every evening before I go to bed. Before, when my hair was shorter, I could get away with moisturizing my tresses 1x a day and, sometimes, every other day. Not any more! While it has added more time to my hair routine, I have decided that if I want healthy hair, extra moisture is a must. So, I have been using the L-O-C method (2x a day) in the morning and before I go to sleep at night.

[Step #2] Shield & Protect!

My bedtime routine involves a new DIY hair spritz (recipe to come soon … I am still tinkering with the proportions). wink First, I divide my hair into quadrants and moisturize each quadrant with my DIY spritz. Second, I add some whipped shea or mango butter. Third, I’ll finish with a creamy leave-in. After the trifecta of products is applied, I two-strand twist the section and move on to the next quadrant. There should be a total of 4 twists (1 per quadrant). I don a satin bonnet or hair turban, and then head to bed. The next morning, after my daily workout, I lightly mist my hair with my new DIY spritz. Then, I take down the 4 twists and fluff my hair.

NOTE: If my hair needs a little extra moisture, I’ll divide each side of my head into thirds (for a total of 6 twists). However, I never do more than 6.

[Step #3] Backup Plan!

Sometimes, I’ll use my aloe vera cholesterol as my final creamy leave-in (1-2x a week)! This ensures that my hair maintains high levels of moisture for a more extended period of time throughout the week. However, precautions should be taken to avoid hygral fatigue. Thankfully, for me, over-conditioning my hair isn’t too much of a concern because of the humid climate I live in and the fact that I live in a very hard water area. However, if you do not have the same annual high humidity levels and do not have hard water, you should likely skip this extra step.

[Step #4] KISS!

I have been predominantly finger detangling and only using my Denman brush when needed to style and define my hair. My goal has been to try to keep my routine simple. For instance, last week, I wore my hair in corn rows for a week to give my hair a break from daily styling. For me, the key has been to return to the basics of hair care. Sometimes, as our hair gets longer, we get sidetracked along the way. For me, it was the combination of my insane work/school schedule. I was working while enrolled full time in an evening MBA program. Honestly, most days, in between exercising, working, doing homework, going to class, and prepping for projects, there wasn’t much time left to think about my hair. Since I’ve graduated earlier this month, I’ve been more INTENTIONAL about my hair care.

[Step #5] GET TRIM!

Finally, I have been dusting my ends more frequently to get rid of ends damaged by hard water. My focus has been on the HEALTH of my hair rather than on the LENGTH of my hair. You can see my updated regimen here.


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