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5 responses to “Contact Hair Diary

  1. clarissa robersoni

    Looking to hear back from you soon. Thanks.

  2. clarissa robersoni

    I need help with the itching of my scalp and baldness from eczema. I lost hair around the front edges of my head, so I’m afraid of trying anything … I have spent hundreds of dollars on different things, so please help me.

    Mrs. Roberson

    • Clarissa, I don’t think there is a “quick-fix” or silver bullet for severely damaged hair. It will take patience and time to restore the health back to your hair. I would recommend starting with incorporating castor oil into your daily hair routine. Massage your scalp with castor oil 3-5 times a week for at least a month or two to help stimulate growth around your hairline. And, make sure you limit the amount of products you use and cleanse your scalp at least once a week (especially if you are active and workout regularly) to prevent bacterial growth on your scalp. Hope that helps …

      Take care!

      • pratyasha ray

        i want to ask something hair i need to shampoo daily for 7 days after the use of inversion method

      • No, you do not. Pratyasha, please read my blog post HERE. I’ve itemized all of the instructions and included tips based on hair type.

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