Roots of Nature Remedies for Natural Hair: Feather Whipped Curl Cream with Mango Oil and Brazilian Cupuacu Butter

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Roots of Nature® Feather Whipped Curl Cream™ with mango oil and Brazilian cupuacu (coo-poo-wah-soo) butter by Softsheen Carson offers to weightlessly hydrate natural hair, and provide lasting curl definition and control. Found in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest, moisturizing cupuacu butter has for generations been a Brazilian secret for beautiful hair. Combined with softening mango oil, this whipped curl cream is supposed to help limp curls and waves to become feather-light with bounce and shine (minus the frizz and the crunch).

New Roots of Nature Remedies for Natural Hair gives 24-hour curl definition leading salon brands can’t beat!* • Nourishes and conditions while defining curls and providing hold. • Shields curls from humidity, without the crunch or shrinkage. • Helps promote strong-growing hair.**
* In tests of Roots of Nature® Feather Whipped Curl Cream and Butter Whip Coil versus Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding and Roots of Nature Curl Reviving Spray versus DevaCurl Set it Free.
 ** Smoothes the cuticle to help reduce breakage so hair can grow longer.

This moisturizing cream retails for $7.99, but my sister found it at my local Dollar Tree. She called me to tell me about it, but I thought she was mistaken. I mean, why would a name brand product be at a dollar store? However, she finally convinced me to go. To my surprise, she was right! I scooped up three jars in a flash and made a mad dash to the checkout line. I didn’t really care whether this product would work for me. At this price, I figured I could make it work! So, I  purchased $24 worth of product for only $3 (plus tax). As my father likes to say, “This wasn’t a deal … It was a steal!” Woot! Woot! So, I decided to give it a try.

Of course, after I got home, I noticed that the container said the product was for soft curls and waves. Great! Did I just make a mistake? We all do from time-to-time. I felt like kicking myself. But, then, I figured a $3 mistake was no biggie. LOL! So, I co-washed my hair and followed the instructions, generously applying the curl cream to my soaking wet hair.

First, let me say that the 6.1 oz. container is reasonably sized. I applied the curl cream ONCE and never had to reapply any additional product throughout the week. Secondly, this stuff smells wonderful! It is a cross between the scent of freshly cut mangoes and the sweet aromatics of a light perfume, which I surprisingly love. The consistency is like that of a hair pudding … not super creamy and thick but definitely not thin and watery. When I opened the jar and gently shook the product, it stayed put but jiggled. When I first touched the actual cream, I was a little worried because it felt slightly tacky to the touch. As a result, I prepared myself for having to do a second co-wash just in case this stuff turned out to be too gummy or overly sticky. But, there was no need!

I heavily applied the whipped curl cream to large sections of my sopping wet hair. No parting or combs used … just my fingers. I smoothed the product over my strands until all of my hair was evenly coated. I was immediately, well, impressed! The cream INSTANTLY defrizzed my hair, which, for me, is NO small task. My hair has always been incredibly frizzy and poof-prone ever since I was a child. Also, this is the most “hang time” my curls have gotten in a wash ‘n go EVER! The curl cream elongated my curls and seemed to also separate and super define each strand. The only other product that has given me the same definition has been my Eco Styler gel and my DIY Eco Styler Custard. But, apparently, none of my previous efforts made the grade because when my sister saw my hair she said, “This is the best your hair has ever looked since you went natural!” (Blush) Thanks, sis! I’ll try to take that as a compliment.

Nevertheless, the true test, for me, was how my hair would look when it air dried. To my surprise, my curls and coils stayed elongated throughout the day. And, more importantly, my hair felt pliable and moisturized. The next day, I revived my wash ‘n go with my DIY hair spritz and fluffed my hair. At night, I donned a satin bonnet. And, the following morning I refreshed my curls once again with my homemade spritz. Five days later, my curls were still looking good. No, great!

A lot of people in the blogosphere who have tried this product seem to be of two minds … people either LOVE it or out-and-out HATE it. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of in-between. Me, personally, I LOVE it! However, I think hair texture may also come into play. I have mostly 4A hair. But I do also have a large section of 3C curls at the front crown of my head with small fuzzy patches of 4B coils near my temples and over my ears. With that said, it is trying, to say the least, for me to find a product that works for my 4A hair that also works for my 3c curls and 4B coils. I usually have to manipulate my 4B hair to get it to blend with my 3C and 4A hair and many times products my 4A/4B hair likes is too heavy for my 3C hair. So, as far as I am concerned, any product that can get ALL of my hair to behave in the same way is a miracle in a jar! And, at only a buck, I plan to drive to every Dollar Tree within a 25-mile radius of my home and buy up every container I can find. In fact, I’ve already been to two different Dollar Trees, and I’m on my way to sourcing a third. LOL!

After only a couple of weeks, it’s a little too early to tell whether this product eliminates breakage and repairs damage, but the mango oil and Brazilian cupuacu butter really do seem to moisturize and condition my dry tresses. I usually moisturize and seal my hair twice a day (once in the morning and then again right before bed). However, I only used the curl cream once per week and then revived my curls with my DIY hair spritz each morning. That’s it! And, my wash ‘n go maintained the same level of moisture from day 1 to day 6. Even on day 7 (my wash day), my hair still looked really nice. I even got a compliment on my day 6 hair, which I thought was funny because I never reapplied any more product. In fact, I probably could have easily gotten another two to three days out of my hairstyle, but I prefer to wash my hair once a week.

The following week, I tried this product with a flat twist-out. I wore the flat twists for four days and then undid the twists and wore those for two to three days. Although I had more curl definition/staying power with my wash ‘n go, the curl cream still delivered stellar results. My flat twists stayed moisturized and in place until I undid them on day five for a twist-out. My twist-out looked stunning on day five. Okay on day six and passable but not great on day seven. So, I will probably use this predominantly for wash ‘n gos and for the occasional twist-out/braid-out for special occasions when I want a little extra curl elongation. However, I have to say, this product gave me the best twist-out I’ve had since going natural! I usually hate my twist-outs but, this time, it looked so good that several relatives commented on how great my hair looked at a recent family get-together. Talk about progress!  🙂

Moreover, this curl cream is free of drying alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, and petrolatum. So, what’s not to love? At only $1.00, you can love (or at least try) it, too! I love this product so much that I am even willing to pay the full $7.99 retail price when my $1.00 stash runs out! Oh, yeah. It makes my hair look THAT good. Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures below and decide for yourself. Cheers!




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