MineralRich: Two-month Hair Growth Results + My Mini-twist Setback!!!

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Two months ago, I started taking MineralRich liquid vitamins from Maximum Living for hair growth. My 1-month results were moderate but hopeful. Most of my hair grew between 0.5″ – 1.0″  over the course of a month. My crown grew the most at 1.5″. However, I was massaging my front edges with castor oil, so I think that may account for the extra growth there. Nevertheless, I was optimistic about taking the supplement for another month. To expedite my progress, I decided to micro-twist my hair for the last two weeks of use. I made chunky twists in the back for the first row since my hair grows the slowest there, and I wanted it to be easier to take the twists out in the rear of my head. I made small twists in the rows above toward the middle of my head. Then, I made micro twists from my crown forward. After a week, I pulled the twists up into a french roll.


Mini Twists (Day #1)


Mini Twists (Back of Hair)


Mini Twists (Day #7)



Mini Twists
(French Roll with a Barrette)

I only had to moisturize my hair twice during 12 days, and that was largely due to the products I used. I wet each section prior to twisting with distilled water I put in a spray bottle, then I layered on some of Roots of Nature’s feather whipped curl cream. For the take-down process, I spritzed each twist with my lavender spritz and then gently unwound each twist. I initially tried to do a length check without unraveling my mini twists, but it was too difficult to measure, and my measurements seemed inaccurate. So, I decided to remove my mini twists a couple of days early so that I could do a proper length check. However, after just a couple of measurements at the front and sides of my hair, I feared that I had experienced a lot of breakage. When I compared my current hair measurements to my previous month’s measurements, my fears were confirmed!

On top of all that, the ends of my hair had gotten so tangled in some sections that I had to lop off as much as 2″ just to salvage the rest of my strands. Thankfully, my lavender spritz removed 85-90% of the knots in my hair, but a few could only be cut out! I lost 0.5″ – 1″ in the front, sides, and back of my hair. My crown experienced the most breakage … a whopping 5″! Likely due to the fact that I had made micro twists from my crown forward. Sigh.

I think the major mistake I made was in making the twists TOO small. My fine strands just couldn’t handle it. Thank God I only kept the twists in for two weeks. I can’t imagine the amount of damage I may have caused if I left them in longer.

For a more complete overview of my hair setback (as well as my closing remarks concerning my experience taking MineralRich), watch my video below.



If you have fine or super fine hair like I do, you should probably avoid mini and micro twists. The likely hair breakage and damage that could ensue is REAL!


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6 responses to “MineralRich: Two-month Hair Growth Results + My Mini-twist Setback!!!

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  3. Ellie

    I’m sorry for your loss!

    You look really pretty though (if it helps).

    I may be wrong but I don’t think your lavender spritz has enough slip to takedown a style. It’s mainly water based and would matt. Get a really thick rich conditioner slippery conditioner for takedowns.

    • Lol. Thanks, hon.

      Actually, my lavender spritz worked really well on my fine hair. But, I received the most hair loss in the areas with the smallest micro twists. Unfortunately, in my case, not even a thick conditioner was able to untangle the major knots. My hair is just too fine for styles of this nature. Sigh … So, I’ll have to live vicariously through others’ protective styles.

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