Quick Tip #2: Repurpose Your Unused Hair Products

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Quick Tip

We all have products that are just lying around, collecting dust. When I was relaxed, I did a lot of roller sets. And, I used KeraCare Setting Lotion to do it. After moving from Seattle to Alabama, I quickly discovered that this lightweight setting lotion (while perfectly suited for the mild climate of the Northwest) just couldn’t cut it for the intense humidity of the South. But my 32 oz. salon-sized bottle wasn’t exactly inexpensive. So, I went on several hair boards to try to get suggestions for what to do with my still half-filled container of leftover setting lotion. A wise woman suggested that I use it for twists, braids, or twist- or braid-outs. Great idea, but it just wasn’t enough to hold up to the humidity. My relaxed, transitioning strands started out nicely coiffed but fell flat in less than an hour.

Now that I am natural, I found my setting lotion eyeing me from the back of my beauty cabinet. Once again, I tried to get suggestions for what to do with it. This time, a hair board member told me to just throw it away. (How rude!) While some forgotten items are more expensive than others, I have never been one to be wasteful. I would rather give something away to someone who could use it than just pour my hard-earned cash down the sink. So, I tried to give the setting lotion to my mother, other family members, and friends, but no one wanted it. Do none of my relaxed ladies use roller sets anymore? Come on, ladies! Then, I realized I was overthinking the problem all together. So, I have come up with a simple solution … A solution so simple you might even laugh. But, just because it’s simple doesn’t make it any less brilliant!

You’re going to need two things:

(1) a forgotten liquid hair product (a liquid setting lotion in my case)


(2) a foam pump container.

Empty 8 oz Natural Bottles with Green Foaming Pump, Set of 4

That’s right. Pour the setting lotion (or other liquid hair product) into a container with a foam top. Secure the lid. Pump and enjoy!

My relaxed sistas, you’ve just turned a regular setting lotion into a foam wrap lotion. Want to rock your natural hair? Just use a dollop of foam before braiding or twisting a section of hair for a light hold and seal in with a heavy butter or oil.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but … Toot! Toot! 


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4 responses to “Quick Tip #2: Repurpose Your Unused Hair Products

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  2. DTaylor

    So did it actually foam or not? Super old post I know, but I was just thinking of doing the same thing to my Proclaim setting lotion. I feel like foams are SO much easier to apply when I’m doing my sets and I really prefer that product over several foam wrap lotions I’ve tried smh. But I wanted to do some research and see if a setting lotion will actually foam up if you transfer to a foam pump. TIA

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