DIY Eco Styler Custard

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  1. Fill any size container halfway (or slightly more than halfway) with your favorite styling gel by Eco Styler
    • I love, love, love the argan oil gel by Eco Styler. But, if you prefer the olive oil gel or another variety, use that.
    • I usually make my curling custard in small 8 oz. batches since I normally only use gel on my hair once or twice a week.
  2. Add castor oil (or any oil of your choice) the rest of the way. 
    • I prefer castor oil because it is thicker than most oils and gives me the consistency I like.
    • Less is more. Start by only adding the oil 30 to 40 percent of the way. You can always add more later.
  3. Stir until the mix becomes cloudy/opaque and is well combined.
    • Not sure if you have the ratio right? Let the mix sit for 10-15 minutes. If any of the castor oil has accumulated on the top, you added a little too much oil and need to mix in a little more gel.
    • I usually use a 60:40 or 70:30 ratio. 60-70% argan oil gel to 30-40% castor oil. This gives me the hold I need to make my hair styles last for 6-7 days.
    • Use 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil (i.e., Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, etc). Blend until the scent is evenly distributed throughout the mixture.
    • I like peppermint essential oil because it masks the scent of castor oil. It also balances the scalp’s pH level, promotes hair growth, and prevents dry scalp and dandruff.
  5. You have just made your very own Eco Styler Custard. Enjoy!
  6. USES: 
    • For super defined wash ‘n gos.
    • For longer-lasting twist-outs and braid-outs.
    • To slick down your edges.
  7. TIPS:
    • To keep my hair moisturized and from getting too crunchy, I moisturize my hair each day with my DIY hair spritz.


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11 responses to “DIY Eco Styler Custard

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  2. NS

    What’s your curl pattern? And, do you think this would work on a 3b curly hair? I have a feeling it would be way too heavy.

    • I have 3 hair types: my hair is mostly 4a with a large amount of 3c in my crown and 4b dispersed throughout. However, this works on all hair types from type 1 (straight hair) to type 4c hair. So, it is not limited by ethnicity or hair type.

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