Red by Kiss Professional Salon 1875 Watt Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer

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The Red by Kiss Professional Salon Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer has 1875 watts and dual motors that should last the test of time through hair drying, roller setting, hot treatments, color processing, deep conditioning, protein treatments, and much more. The adjustable height makes it perfect to customize to your own needs. I love that this Professional Salon Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer has 4 speeds: cold, low, medium and high. It was a challenge for me to find a bonnet dryer with more than just off/on and high and low! The best part is that this bonnet hair dryer folds down and nests neatly within itself. This is great for people like me who live in a small space or simply don’t have much storage.

So far I’ve used this bonnet hair dryer once a week for deep conditioning, henna hair packs, and/or protein treatments, depending on my hair’s needs. I’ve been wanting to try out a roller set, but I just haven’t had the time (or patience). But, given the ceramic tourmaline technology, your hair will be left smooth, silky, and frizz-free, regardless of your style. And, if you do decide to do a roller set, this bonnet hair dryer  has 15% more coverage to accommodate most rollers (even the jumbo size). Because the height of the hair dryer adjusts up an additional 4 ½”, you can also choose whatever surface or chair will best suit you.


Unfortunately, about a month after use, the hair dryer started to make a weird sound and smell. I unplugged it, let it cool, and replugged it (this time using a surge protector). It functioned seamlessly after that … up until today that is … when it made a loud sputtering noise for 60 seconds, started to smell like burnt wire, and then just completely died for no reason. I’ve only had this dryer for 9 months and have only used it once a week, sometimes only once every 2-3 weeks (when I got busy). My last bonnet dryer was a previous incarnation of the latest Gold ‘n Hot and lasted for a decade! In fact, I only ended up having to replace it after accidentally dropping it and cracking part of the neck of the unit that connected the hooded dryer to the base. If it hadn’t been for that, I am convinced it would have kept on running for at least another year or two. Sigh …

So, although the Red by Kiss Professional Salon Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer is a great price (under $50), given its short life span, it can hardly be recommended. 😥

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