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Quick Tip #21: Make Your Own DIY Hair Ties & Headbands

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Are you constantly losing your hair ties or find yourself buying new sets of headbands month after month? 😡Well, it may be high time that you made your own! 😲 Don’t worry, it’s super easy to do, even if you aren’t an avid DIYer like myself. (Honest!) All you need is some yardage of hair elastic and a pair of fabric shears. That’s it! (FYI: The non-sewer in me is jumping up and down!💃😄)

Just measure the elastic to the length that you want (or need). You can create a hair tie or headband of any size or width. Cut the elastic, and knot (or double knot if you want a little extra security) the ends. If you’re feeling paranoid, you can add a dot of fabric glue in-between the knotted fabric. If you’re the type to be extra (Raises hand!), you can use the straight edge of a burn tool to lightly seal the ends and prevent fraying. (Yes, please!) Repeat until you have made all the hair ties and headbands your heart desires. 😍 Money saved and midnight runs to the Big Box for more elastics are no more … You’re welcome. 😉

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