Quick Tip #25: Find Products that Can Do Double (or even Quadruple) Duty!

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Are you a budget-conscious naturalista? A college student? Or, just want to live a more sustainable, less-wasteful life? Then, you need to make sure your products can do double, triple, (or even) quadruple duty. This is not only cost effective, but it is also a way to minimize waste. And, startup is probably much easier than you think …


1. Make Two Styling Products from One

Instead of buying a foaming hair styler or mousse and a separate setting lotion. Find a moisturizing setting lotion that you can pour into (1) a spray bottle and (2) container with a foam dispenser top. When you need a setting lotion, use the spray bottle to spritz your hair before roller setting, etc. When you need a lighter product, reach for the foam dispenser to add light hold to a wash ‘n go or twist-out or to foam wrap your hair.

2. Use a Multipurpose Cleanser

Sick of all the bottles of shampoo, hand soap, and body wash piling up in your beauty cabinet? Then, use one product that can be them all! Because I have a sensitive scalp and temperamental hair, I’m not much of a fan of all-in-one hair cleansers, but this is a great option for people who don’t have any scalp conditions or sensitivities that are looking to pare down their collection of beauty cleansers!

3. Use an All-in-one Skin & Hair Care Product

If you love to use hair penetrating oils like extra virgin olive oil or unrefined virgin coconut oil to moisturize your hair, you can also use them as a facial oil cleanser, makeup remover, skin moisturizer, and deep conditioner add-in. For instance, although my hair hates coconut oil, my skin loves it! I use it to make makeup removal easier. I’ll slather a teaspoon of coconut oil all over my face (while wearing makeup) and then take a facial cloth and gently wipe off my makeup. This method removes most of my makeup in one go. Next, I’ll cleanse my face to remove any residual makeup, and then follow up with a good toner. If you are someone who likes to wear a lot of makeup, wears waterproof makeup, or are like me and just have a hard time simply removing your makeup, you should give this technique a try.

I also like to keep unrefined coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil around as a backup skin moisturizer post-shower or bath in case I run out of lotion. It leaves my skin baby soft and super hydrated. I’ll also add unrefined coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to boost the hair strengthening or moisturizing properties of my deep conditioner. In addition, both oils are great add-ins for DIY skin and hair care products.


There are many other ways you can reduce your beauty stash or make it less wasteful, but these three areas are a really good place to start.

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