Goals Beauty Healthy Hair Vitamins

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I received  Goals Beauty Healthy Hair Vitamins for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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Goals Beauty Healthy Hair Vitamins is a hair growth supplement infused with amino acids, natural herbs, and minerals to assist with attaining longer, stronger, and healthier hair. One bottle contains 60 tablets (a one-month supply). The serving size is 2 tablets. They should be taken daily, preferably with meals. Because the instructions don’t specify how the supplement should be taken apart from that, I contacted the company for guidance. The first two days I took both tablets with my breakfast. However, according to them, for optimum results, the supplement should be taken twice a day with a meal (e.g., at breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner). I was pretty consistent. I only missed 1 day over the course of a month.

After a week of taking these hair growth pills, I started to have problems sleeping. I immediately looked on the back of the bottle, and after sifting through all the ingredients, I saw “OptiMSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 250 mg.” MSM! I almost cringed. For those who have been following me on my blog for several years, you know that I have an extreme sensitivity to MSM, to the point that it gave me migraines and prolonged insomnia when taken in large doses. Thankfully (likely due to the small dose), I only suffered mild insomnia for 4-5 days. I noticed that I only had trouble sleeping when I took the daily dosage at lunch AND dinner instead of at breakfast AND lunch. So, I made a concerted effort to take the pills with my first two meals of the day. On days where I was worried that I might not be able to do so, I took both tablets with my breakfast rather than risk having trouble falling asleep all night long.

I took the supplement for four weeks (28 days). The company website doesn’t provide a list of ingredients, so I took a picture of the back of the pill bottle, for your convenience.


Watch the video below to find out my detailed thoughts on this product and to see my results …

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