Quick Tip #16: Hack for Storing Bobby Pins (and other things!)

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Use a traditional magnetic
paper clip holder in a new way!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got bobby pins everywhere … in your pocket … in your purse … on your vanity … on the bathroom floor … in your hair … The list could go on and on. Storing them can be problematic because you need them at the ready but don’t necessarily want them in a pile of 50 on your bathroom counter. Want your bobby pins neatly contained yet within arm’s reach? Buy yourself a magnetic paper clip holder. No, you’re not going to swap out your bobby pins for paper clips. But, you are going to use them to store them. Because the paper clip holder is magnetized, you will no longer have to stress over dumping over your collection of bobby pins just to get the one (or 20) you need for your hairstyle of the day. You can simply grab and go like the civilized hair aficionado I know you are (or want to be). 😉

Use color to organize your bobby pins in style!

Add a touch of whimsy!

Need to #getorganized? Buy several and use one to store bobby pins and the others for hair pins, small hair clips, or miniature hair accessories. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can go traditional or avante garde. I personally love the bright bold coloring of the open bowl style. You can use one for each type of bobby pin! Or, you can go contemporary with a dual top holder. Either way, I think my Spring cleaning just got started early!

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