Virgin Hair Fertilizer: 1 Month Results

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I heard about Virgin Hair Fertilizer after watching the video below on YouTube!

Product Claims

  • Rapid hair growth
  • Hair conditioning cream for dry hair
  • Anti-dandruff

This is how the tube looks …

Directions: Apply and massage Virgin Hair Fertilizer into your hair and scalp everyday. Comb and style as desired for healthy, strong, and natural-looking hair.

My Usage

  • I used the Hair Fertilizer once a day 3x a week (due to the intense smell). 
  • I divided my hair into quadrants. For each section, I applied the product to both my scalp and the length of my hair. I massaged each quadrant for 60 seconds, and styled my hair as desired.

(4) Pros

  • This hair conditioning cream softened my already soft hair even more when layered over my lavender spritz.
  • I noticed thicker hair after only 1 week of use!
  • This grew my edges back quickly.
  • This plays well with other products (i.e., can be layered under or over other products).

(2) Cons

  • The metal tube is very thin and easily will bust, causing product to ooze out/be wasted.
  • The product has a very pungent peppermint smell that lingered for a good 2-3 hours after application. The smell was so strong that it started to burn my eyes slightly during the application process. I would recommend applying this product at night so that you don’t have to worry about the strong, lingering scent while at work, running errands, etc.

The following video shows the length I received after using this product for 4 weeks.


There apparently is a knock-off brand marketing themselves as the original. Want to know whether you are buying the legitimate product? According to the company,

Our fertilizer always has an expiry period of 5 years. It has a minty, peppermint smell and has a cool effect on your head when used. (You can open the folded end of the tube to smell and fold back to confirm before purchasing.) Our product does not have an NC number, which you might find in some fakes in the market. Our fertilizer has a yellowish colour and, when rubbed on your palm, has a distinctive, strong minty smell. If you have bought anything else that does not match our description, then it’s likely you have bought the fake and would appreciate if you can email or call us with the info.

 Virgin Hair Fertilizer


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8 responses to “Virgin Hair Fertilizer: 1 Month Results

  1. Evalyne Maina

    av just started using it,,i hope it will be of help

  2. hartie james

    i have just cut my hair to be propotional.i am a schoolgirl and i want to know whether it will be effective within one month holiday and i get much longer hair.
    and still am in kenya a place called karatina town, where will i find the product for how much and how do i use it

    • Just click on the name of the product in my review. I linked it to where it’s being sold on Amazon. Give it a try. Only time will tell whether or not it will work for you. Good luck!

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  4. Corretta

    I am going to buy I’m just worried of the fake one, I don’t know if other stores will allow me to open the product the way the say we should. From there I’m going to transfer it into a container of my previous hair product. I think the distinctive smell is of sulfur.

  5. This was a so nice and
    useful information
    virgin hair fertilizer
    Thank you for this

  6. I massaged each quadrant for 60 seconds, and styled my hair as desired.

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