Textured Bun with Faux Bangs

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This textured bun is super easy and can be done on freshly washed or previously styled hair. This works best on stretched or mostly stretch hair (i.e., a previous twist-out) best.

1.     Create a U-shaped part at the front of your head (for your faux bangs).

2.     Gently pull the rest of your into a high ponytail. Secure with an ouchless elastic or ribbon tie.

3.     Use perm rods to roller set your bangs. Section your ponytail and rollerset each section. I used the orchid cold wave rods by Diane.


Front View with Orchid Rollers

Side View with Orchid Rollers

Side View with Orchid Rollers

4.     Add a satin bonnet, and you’re ready for bed!


Side View with Satin Bonnet

5.     In the morning (or whenever you’re ready), gently remove the perm rods. It should look something like this.


Look Prior to Styling

6.     After admiring your banging curls, create your favorite bun. You can do a simple roll and tuck or something more complicated. I just gently combed through my curls, lifted up half of my ponytail, pulled it forward to the left, and pinned it in place. Then, I took the remaining half and did the same, pinning it to the opposite side.


Front View
(After Creating Bun)


Top View
(After Creating Bun)

7.     Fluff your bangs to softly loosen some of the curls.


After Loosening Curls

8.     Lift your bangs (to make them easier to pin).


Don’t apply too much tension …

9.     Add a bobby pin on each side about halfway. This will create the faux bang effect.


After Adding Bobby Pins

10.     Here is what it looked like when I finished!


The End Result: Top View


The End Result: Side View

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