Henna: Third Time’s the Charm!

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Third-time Charm

For my third henna treatment, I used a 2:1 ratio of body art quality (BAQ) henna and indigo powder. I mixed 34 grams of (BAQ) henna with just enough steeped peppermint tea to create a paste. I let it sit for 24 hours. Then, the day of application, I mixed 16 grams of indigo powder with enough bottled water to form a paste.  Next, I added the indigo powder paste to the henna mix and stirred the two together until well-blended.


Indigo Powder + Water Mix


Henna Mix + Indigo Mix Blended Together

I applied the mixture to all of my strands in sections and saran wrapped my hair. I left the henna/indigo blend in my hair for 60 minutes while sitting under a hooded dryer. Then, I co-washed my hair. It took a lot more effort than when I hennaed my hair and when I used henna and amla powder. I had to co-wash my hair 3 times to remove the mixture from my hair. Then, I deep conditioned my hair for 30 minutes under my hooded hair dryer. Next, I moisturized my hair with my lavender hair spritz, and sealed in the moisture with some whipped shea butter.


Results achieved after my
first henna treatment.

Results achieved after henna/amla treatment.

Results achieved after my
henna/amla treatment.


Results achieved after my henna/indigo treatment.

My first henna treatment resulted in a dip-dyed hair effect on my ends where some permanent hair dye remained. The amla powder dialed down the bright, coppery tones from my initial henna treatment. However, this indigo mixture really helped to balance out my overall hair color while imparting really natural reddish brown highlights. It took three tries to get the effect I wanted, but I was finally able to achieve the overall color I desired. So, going forward, future treatments should impart the same effect all over my tresses … and all without harsh chemicals or the fear of damaging my fragile, fine strands! I couldn’t be more pleased.


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