Henna: Take 2

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Henna - Take #2 Clapperboard

For my second henna treatment, I used the remainder of the henna mix from my first treatment that I had frozen. I added some amla powder (after mixing it with enough water to create a paste and letting it sit overnight). The amla powder smelled so amazing, I had to fight the temptation to eat it! LOL. After I co-washed the henna/amla mixture out of my hair, I deep conditioned my hair for 30 minutes under my hooded hair dryer. Then, I moisturized my hair with my lavender hair spritz and sealed in the moisture with some whipped shea butter.


Results achieved after my
first henna treatment.

Results achieved after henna/amla treatment.

Results achieved after my
henna/amla treatment.

Because I still had some remnants of permanent hair dye on the ends of my hair from when I colored my hair two years ago, my first henna treatment resulted in a dip-dyed hair effect. You can see that the amla powder toned down the bright, coppery color the henna left on the ends of my hair. However, I want to try to even out my hair color. So, next time, I think I will create a henna/indigo mix to tone down the leftover dye on the ends of my hair and to balance out my overall hair color.

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