MineralRich: One-month Hair Growth Results

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Maximum Living: Mineralrich, 32 oz


Three or four years ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video from Honesty Love that recommended MineralRich liquid vitamins from Maximum Living for hair growth. Then, I totally forgot all about them … until recently when I was browsing YouTube and just happened to stumble upon another video from Honesty Love. Given all of the hair damage I’ve sustained from my local hard water, I decided to give these vitamins a try!

They have two varieties: (1) MineralRich and (2) MineralRich Plus Aloe. Both are around the same price (~$23). However, because I can’t stand the taste of aloe vera juice, I opted for the original MineralRich supplement. Both 32 oz. bottles contain only 30 calories per 1 oz (2 TBS) serving as well as identical daily values for each vitamin. MineralRich contains a proprietary blend of macro and trace minerals (e.g., vitamin B-12, silica, biotin, magnesium, selenium, chromium, et al) for total body nutrition. However, many people that have taken this liquid vitamin (i.e., for mood boosting or to improve their overall health) have noticed significant hair growth. Yes, that’s right! Hair growth from a liquid vitamin.



Take 1 oz. (2 tbsp.) daily. Mix or follow with an 8 oz. glass of water. For nutritional use only. Discontinue if allergic reaction occurs.

The Challenge:

MineralRich comes in a 32 oz bottle. Because the daily portion is 1 oz (2 TBS), one bottle will last 32 days, just over a month. I decided to put this potential hair growth aid to the test for a month (32 days). Here are my results …


Summary of Results:

When: July 12, 2016 – August 12, 2016 (32 days)
What: MineralRich Liquid Vitamins
Frequency: Daily (7x per week)

Starting Length (FRONT): 13.50″
Starting Length (RIGHT): 12.00″ (shortest strand) – 13.00″ (longest strand)
Starting Length (LEFT): 12.00″ (shortest strand) – 13.00″ (longest strand)
Starting Length (CROWN): 16.00″ (shortest strand) – 17.00″ (longest strand)
Starting Length (BACK): 11.50″ (shortest strand) – 12.00″ (longest strand)

Ending Length (FRONT): 14.50″

Ending Length (RIGHT): 12.50″ (shortest strand) – 13.00″ (longest strand)     

Ending Length (LEFT): 12.50″ (shortest strand) – 13.00″ (longest strand)        

Ending Length (CROWN): 16.50″ (shortest strand) – 17.00″ (longest strand)   

Ending  Length (BACK): 11.50″ (shortest strand) – 12.00″ (longest strand)       

SUMMARY: My hair grew 1.0″ in the front. However, the rest of my hair stayed the same or only grew 0.50″. 

Side Effects:

While I didn’t experience any side effects, some people have complained about having severe gas or stomach aches. However, I eat clean, exercise daily, and drink plenty of water. The instructions specifically state that the supplement should be followed by (or mixed in) 8 oz. of water. And, most people who experienced unpleasant side effects were not drinking water with (or after taking) the supplement. So, I think drinking plenty of water is key!


I am pretty underwhelmed by my mediocre results. However, I have another 1 month supply left. Since I did receive 1″ of hair growth in the front of my hair, I think I will take the other bottle I have to see if I can achieve better results with MineralRich over the next month. Fingers crossed!

Maximum Living: Mineralrich, 32 oz


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  1. Rita UN.umec

    Is it good for someone who is battling with fertility?

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