Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor

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Do you wince at the thought of shaving your sensitive legs? Well, you’re not alone! I have VERY sensitive skin, especially on my face and legs. So, any razor that can protect my skin from irritation is an absolute must!

When I took the Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care® razor out of the package, I was little skeptical. Ok … a lot skeptical … Hypoallergenic moisturizing serum infused with shea butter? Curve-sensing™ blades? Skin guards?

Razor companies have made countless claims in the past to be perfect for those with sensitive skin. But, most of their assertions have fallen flat. And, I have a lifetime of razor bumps and burns to prove it!

The information on the packaging seemed almost sensational. I scarcely believed this cute razor would live up to ANY of its claims. I’ve tried so many razors .. Single blades … Double blades … Triple blades … Quadruple blades … Blades made for skin care goddesses … Blades made for women with sensitive skin … They all worked ok but still managed to leave my skin agitated. So much so that I had almost given up on shaving my legs completely unless absolutely necessary.

But, as promised, after only a few strokes with the Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care® razor, I knew that the information on the packaging wasn’t just hype. It was simple facts.

I paired this razor with Skintimate’s Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin. The razor glided so effortlessly on my skin. I didn’t have to press down hard to get a clean shave, nor did I have to keep passing over every section of my leg half a dozen times to get every single hair. The Sensitive Care® razor simply did most of the work for me, removing each hair follicle while also moisturizing my legs, and protecting my sensitive skin from cuts and nicks.

The razor shaved my legs so effortlessly that I actually stopped several times to stare eye-level at my legs to make sure the razor was actually working! Even in tough spots prone to mishaps, like my knees, the razor followed the curves of my legs with ease. When I finished, my legs were not only shaved but left smooth and completely hydrated. So much so that I almost skipped my normal slather of lotion after I got out of the shower! That’s a first for me. So, needless to say, I have found my new (and only razor) for my sensitive skin. Skin irritation is now a horror of the past.

Seriously, why did it take so long for something so wonderful to be made? I’m in razor love!

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