Just Fab = Just Bad!

This is a bit of a long saga. One that transpired over several months (from the end of November 2013 to the end of January 2014). However, I intentionally waited several weeks after all the hubbub to ensure I wasn’t writing an angry review. I always try my best to be as objective as possible. So, fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

I’ve wanted to try Just Fab for a while. I’ve heard really great things about the products they offer. So, last November, for my birthday, I purchased a pair of navy wedge sneakers and a much-needed black handbag. It was a simple and fairly smooth initial transaction. I received a gift card a couple of days before my birthday on the 29th and placed my order on November 27, 2013. My purchase arrived within a week (on December 3, 2013). FedEx delivered my parcel as scheduled,  and I opened the box with much delight.

Just Fab - Initial Order #1
Just Fab - Initial Order #2

However, I was only partially pleased with my order. The handbag was just what I needed. I absolutely adored the royal blue lining, bonus compartments, and roomy interior. And, I loved that this bag had not one but three functional straps: a sturdy snake chain strap, a faux leather adjustable shoulder strap, and a shorter, non-adjustable version. Beautiful enough to choose one strap as a statement piece, yet simple enough to wear all three simultaneously, if I so chose.

Pitti Palace Faux Leather Handbag

Pitti Palace Faux Leather Handbag + Dust Bag

However, the wedge sneakers was a different story! The coloring of the wedge sneakers was inaccurate. They were definitely not navy and more of a smoky gray. They also were much clunkier on than the sleek design on the company website and not nearly as comfortable as touted in the description. So, I decided to return them.

Keena Wedge Sneaker - FRONT

Keena Wedge Sneaker – FRONT

Keena Wedge Sneaker - SIDE

Keena Wedge Sneaker – SIDE

Problem #1: Returns/Exchanges NOT Made Easy

Just Fab advertises a no-fuss return/exchange policy, so I wasn’t too upset. According to their website, “Returns and exchanges are easy! Just print your free return label and return packing slip by visiting the Order History page under My Account (justfab.com/orders). Then follow these steps: (1) print label and return slip, (2) prepare package, including return slip, (3) attach return label, and (4) ship it!” It all seemed simple enough. So, that’s what I did or, rather, attempted to do! I logged into my account and tried to print a “free return label,” but I kept getting an error message that stated my item (the wedge sneakers) were not eligible for a return. I was frustrated and confused, but then I realized I clicked “return” instead of “exchange.” An easy mistake when selecting from a drop-down menu, so I quickly corrected my error. However, I received the same message. Needless to say I was frustrated. I felt confused and cheated … and stuck with a product I did not want … So much for free returns and exchanges!

Problem #2: Unprofessionalism

After sulking for a week, I decided to call JustFab to tell them how upset I was that I was not told up front that the wedge sneakers I ordered did not qualify under their free return or exchange policy. On December 10, 2013, I called their customer service number and spoke to one of their “fashion consultants.” After being on hold for a short while, my call went through. But, I was immediately shocked by how unprofessional my call experience was. I heard someone singing (yes, I said singing) in the background. Rather loudly. So much so that I had to keep asking my fashion consultant to speak up and repeat herself! I felt like a judge for American Idol during a round of auditions (and not in a good way).

Problem #3: Confusing Return/Exchange Policy

After I explained my situation, I was told that my wedge sneakers did in fact qualify for a free return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. I just needed to call and have a prepaid shipping label sent to me. Not exactly instructions per their website. So, I explained to my fashion consultant that Just Fab needed to make the return/exchange process clearer because, based on my experience online, it seemed as if the company was trying to renege on their return/exchange policy. She told me that they had been having issues with several other consumers who left negative feedback/closed their account because they, too, thought they could not return their purchase. Hmm. If that’s true, I think Just Fab’s web developer needs to do a better job with the return/exchange form. A simple fix could prevent future unhappy customers. Sheesh!

Problem #4: Lack of Communication

After my fashion consultant apologized for my unfortunate experience, my frustration subsided, and I opted to exchange my wedge sneakers for these gorgeously gilded Sasson moto boots. The same day (December 10, 2013), I received an email that contained my return label. I immediately mailed my package containing the wedge sneakers back to Just Fab. One day later (on December 11, 2013), I received an email that stated that my exchange was on the way. A week later (on December 18, 2013), I received an email that my return had been received and processed. I was ecstatic about Just Fab’s  swift turn-around, and I eagerly awaited for my exchange.

A week went by … Two weeks … Three weeks …

Next thing I knew, it was a whole month later, and I had yet to receive my exchange. So, on January 11, 2014, I called Just Fab’s customer service line again. I was told that my exchange order for the Sasson moto boots had been canceled. I informed the rep that I had not canceled my exchange, so she pulled up my account and told me that Just Fab had canceled my order likely because the item was no longer available. Shouldn’t I have been informed that my order was canceled? And, how long was Just Fab going to hang onto my money before letting me know? 

I was angry that a company had treated me so unprofessionally and did not even give me the common courtesy of letting me know that my exchange order was no longer in stock or available. I told her to cancel my account and give me a refund! Since I had a credit on my account, she persuaded me to place another exchange order. I ended up settling for these distressed, vintage-style lace-up Briony boots. But, I told her I still wanted to cancel my account. She apologized, said she understood, and offered to upgrade my exchange order to expedited shipping for free to make up for everything I had gone through. To her credit, I received my Briony boots on January 14, 2014.

Briony Shoe Box

Briony Shoe Box

Briony Boot

Briony Boot

Problem #5: Untrustworthy & Rude

Although I settled for boots much different than the ones I originally wanted, and the color of the boots was not exactly as pictured on the site, I was content with my exchange. I loved that the Briony boots had a snap tab so that I could wear them as lace-up boots or folded down. However, four weeks later (on February 10, 2014), I saw a $39.95 charge on my bank account! Since I had canceled my account, I was quite confused! I immediately called Just Fab’s customer service number yet again. The woman I talked to pretty much called me a liar and stated that I had not canceled my account. I was shocked, to say the least, at such brazenly horrible customer service. She finally canceled my account but only after two attempts to try to convince me to keep it open. As if I would want to remain a paying customer after being told I never canceled my account. So much for the customer always being right!

Problem #6: Poor Quality

On top of all this, the faux leather handbag I loved started to come undone around week five or six. First, the snake chain strap broke. The metal clasp was so thin it simply snapped off. Then, a week later, the adjustable shoulder strap broke. I originally thought I just had to reinsert the clasp into the opening, but every time I pushed the clasp into the opening of the strap, it popped back out after 10-15 seconds. Here’s hoping the last handle remains in tact! Otherwise, there’s half my birthday gift down the drain … And, I’ve heard that some consumers have had problems with the Briony boot I received as an exchange as well. Sigh.

Broken Snake Chain Strap

Broken Snake Chain Strap

Broken Shoulder Strap

Broken Shoulder Strap

Call me crazy if you want, but I think there’s something to be said for a company that has confusing, inconsistent, and difficult-to-use policies and unprofessional employees. I think excellent customer service should be every company’s standard when charging for a service or a product. I also believe that brand new products should last for more than six weeks before they start falling apart. Moreover, all customers  should be treated with common courtesy and respect. Period. No exceptions.

Needless to say, I am NOT inclined to make another purchase from this company. For me, Just Fab was Just Bad!


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10 responses to “Just Fab = Just Bad!

  1. mike

    I’ve been tempted to buy as a surprise for someone but wondering how its packaged. is it plain packaging with nothing shown on it because they live with me?

  2. beverlymills

    I need the address so I can return a item two items so I can buy 2 more because I am not liking these means they were not what they look like in the book

  3. Debaria Benson

    Shame, shame, and shame again. I, too, had the same problems. I ordered boots and shoes for my granddaughter in November for Christmas of 2015, but I had to return them because she has large calves. I had to complain from a week after Christmas until one week before February to tell me when I would receive store credit … I was told the items were at their warehouse and their fashion consultant just needed to credit my account … When SHE finally credited my account, I bought two dresses that were supposed to be a large. But, When my package arrived and I tried on the dresses, they didn’t fit and mind you I don’t wear a large. I wear a medium,but I got the large to have lots of room. So, again, I am returning these items. I think I will just use my store credit and get two handbags.

    • I hear ya! Yes, I had such horrible customer service, I will never buy from them again! 😡 Taking months on end to give customers a refund or a credit is completely unacceptable to me.

  4. Reblogged this on Fighting Antagonists by Moonlight and commented:
    Currently dealing with this, and I think I’m going to make a blog post to rant out my frustrations currently.

    • Sorry to hear! 😦 One of the reasons I made a blog post about it is to help people weigh the pros and cons of buying items from them. I had such an excruciatingly horrible experience that, regardless of how nice their products may or may not be, I’ve decided that my hard-earned money is best spent elsewhere (with a company that values me as a consumer). Excellent customer service is a HUGE deal for me!

      Hope everything works out for you and that you won’t have to endure a three-month-long purchase nightmare like I did!

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