Curlformer Dupes

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I have been wanting to try Curlformers for a while, but I just couldn’t justify the $68.95 price tag … at least not for curlers. So, when I saw these Curlformer dupes online while browsing, I was intrigued. And, when I saw the $10.74 price tag for the same quantity of 40 (including shipping), I just had to buy them.

These curlers are made of a washable, high-temperature resistant, and breathable mesh material. Each curler has wide, rubberized ends that easily grip and hold onto the base of your hair without damaging it.

The Differences

Both the original Curlformers as well as these dupes are 55cm (about 22″ long), although I have seen some that are only 50 cm long (about 19″). The dupes don’t include a fancy plastic, portable carrying case. And, instead of getting two styling hooks, the dupes only include one. However, given these dupes are less than $11 (84% less than the original Curlformers), who can complain? Not me!

Styling Aids

Ease of Use

Curlformer Dupes - STEPS #1 - #3

Curlformer Dupes - STEPS #4 - #6

Curlformer Dupes - STEPS #7 - #9


  • I used these curlers on freshly shampooed, conditioned, and deep-conditioned hair. Then, I divided my hair into quadrants to make the process easier.
  • Assembly is a breeze. Just snap the bottom of the styling hook to the top. That’s it. Seriously!
  • To use the curlers, open one of the rubberized ends and push it open with your thumb and index finger.
  • Insert the hook and slide the curler down until the mesh material is on the hook completely.
  • I applied a quarter-sized pump of foam setting lotion to each strand. Then, layered on a small amount of organic extra virgin coconut oil (less than a dime-sized amount).
  • Then, I took a small section of hair from one quadrant of my head and inserted the section of hair into the hook’s opening. I made sure the styling hook was facing upward.
  • I held the bottom of the styling hook with my one hand and the top of the hook (with my hair inserted into its opening) with my other hand. Then, I used my thumb and index finger to slide the rubberized opening of the curler down toward my scalp.
  • Once the curler was at the base of my hair, I gently pinched the rubberized opening to control the amount of tension on my roots while sliding the rest of the curler down.
  • When the curler could slide down no further, I pulled the styling hook down the inside of the curler (while still pinching the rubberized opening). I did this until the hook came out of the bottom of the curler.
  • Then, I grabbed another curler and repeated the process!


These curlers are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of them. However, 40 curlers wasn’t quite enough for all of my hair. Forty curlers only completed three quadrants of my head. Thankfully, the curlers dry relatively quickly. I checked them after an hour and they were 90% dry. They were completely dry after 90 minutes. So, after waiting 1½ hours, I removed all of the curlers and then applied them to the last quadrant of my head and let those air dry for 1½ hours. So, in total, I needed about 55-60 curlers for my whole head. Having to wait for my “round 1” curlers to dry before applying “round 2”  made the application process somewhat longer (and annoying). But, the results were well worth the extra annoyance.

These curlers created beautiful, bouncy curls that rival any set of professional magnetic rollers I’ve ever used. My hair had loads of volume and lots of body! In fact, next time, I think I’ll use some of my whipped shea (or maybe even some of my unrefined raw shea) instead of the coconut oil. My hair was almost too airy and light! And, I might toy around with applying a little of my DIY Eco Styler custard for some extra hold.

I used to do a lot of roller sets when I was relaxed. After moving to a humid climate, I no longer could roller set my hair because my relaxed hair would go flat after only 45 to 60 minutes. Even after I went natural, I tried roller sets again, but each time they gave me poofy results. Not so with these Curlformer dupes. The curls these curlers created looked pretty cute (if I say so myself)! My curls looked amazing on day one, good on day two, and decent on day three. Day four looked pretty lifeless. But, considering how easy these curls were to create, I’m okay with them lasting three days instead of six or seven. So much so that I plan to purchase a second set so I won’t have to do a double application in the future.

I can definitely see myself using these a lot in the near future (and often), especially as my hair gets longer. And, the quick air dry time means you can use these curlers on the eve of a special occasion or last-minute party … without heat! And, given the low price tag, you won’t break the bank if you even decide to buy two sets of these Curlformer dupes.

Results (without separating curls)

Results (after separating curls)

Curlformer - After Separating Curls


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3 responses to “Curlformer Dupes

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  2. Margaret

    Do you still use these curlformers on your hair and would you recommend them?

    • I love these! The only reason I don’t use them as often as I would like is because I am a graduate student, and I also work. Because of my intense work and academic schedule, I’ve had to pare down my hair routine to make it as simple as possible. But, I still love these! Unfortunately, Amazon no longer sells them. But, you can find comparable ones on eBay.

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