Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons. I love singing carols, warming myself by a nice fire, and spending time with family. On Christmas Eve, I went to see Committed perform. Committed is an a cappella group of six male vocalists from Huntsville, Alabama. The group won the second season of the musical competition, The Sing-Off. Their freshman self-titled album, Christmas songs, and several singles are available on iTunes. Here are a couple of pics. Please excuse the poor quality (as I accidentally left my camera at home, so the photos were taken with my phone).

For my Christmas Eve party, I scaled back the over-the-top decorations and opted for a splash of unexpected color . On Christmas, my family and I continued our tradition of going to the movies, and then we shared a Christmas feast to rival any celebration rhymed about by Dr. Seuss (minus the roast beast).


The color story for my Christmas Eve party was inspired by peacock feathers. I love the combination of teal and varying hues of metallics like gold, copper, and bronze.


I decided to wear an ivory lace camisole, a black velvet skirt with ivory lace trim, and a black velvet blazer.


I wanted an overall vintage theme. I used metallic pearlescent  white, metallic silver, and charcoal gray eye shadows with a black liner. I polished off the look with a lippy in rich red.


I french-rolled the back of my hair and used a sparkly rosette clip to separate it from the two-strand twist-out at the top.

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